Jeremy Casella

I recently interviewed singer-songwriter Jeremy Casella from Nashville, TN. His latest album, Recovery, blew me away so chatting with Jeremy was a true pleasure.

During this interview process, I learned wisdom from Jeremy about honesty. That is, honesty in art which for me sheds light on honesty as a writer. Jeremy’s longing for what is true (and beautiful) is almost tangible as he speaks, sings, and within his songwriting and orchestral arrangements. After the interview, I pondered my past dishonesty and I’m inspired to pursue “truth and beauty” in my work because his passion is quite catching. Jeremy hooks you upon first listen of Recovery, and as you read the interview, he grabs hold of your weary shoulders with a sage’s grasp, pointing you to the beautiful and the truthful - within his songs, his life, and even our own lives if we will just sit up and peek around.

Click here to read the first part of our interview. The second part will post in a few weeks. Jeremy loves Peet's Coffee, so brew a pot and enjoy the read.

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Todd Wright said...

I've heard really great things about the record...plan on checking it out soon.