I find myself just sitting today. Johnny is driving to a one day Dallas-area gig with Frank. My Dad is in the hospital, but he should be released soon.* He went to the ER yesterday after passing out earlier in the morning. My primary goal since then has been to remain calm for both my health and psyche's sake. My Dad's doctor ruled out a heart attack which is a relief, but I've been praying for his doctor, for wisdom. Doc already displayed good judgment: he declined my Dad's request to attend his high school football team's game last night. Once a coach, always a coach, even while in a hospital bed.

Even so, I'm grateful for a shiny day outside and a full day to relax and pray. And to once again notice simple beauty in our home such as a small Rothko print near the kitchen sink. Not only have mini pumpkins been popping up 'round our home, but also acorns. I've tried to find real acorns in our neighborhood, but the oak trees are few, thus a meager harvest. However, when Johnny and I picked up a few essentials at Target, I spied a set of acorn place card holders for $7.00. I set a few here and there - mainly on the fireplace mantel.

As long as I'm divulging more shopping, here are new lists for you.

This week I did buy:
-A Great Pumpkin candle for autumn.
-An America's Sweetheart candle for my nose inclined to vanilla.
-A green acorn postcard to supplement my lack of actual acorns.
-A Tree Writer notecard.
-Nikki McClure's 2008 calendar.
-Devilish soap for me.
-Absinthe soap for Johnny.
-One Lotta mug on sale.

I did not buy, but I salivate:
-This teapot in royal blue. I did enter a Domino magazine contest to win a free one, though!
-A side table.
-An acacia footed bowl.
-Cute porcelain cups.
-This purse.
-A borrowed spoons tea towel.
-This flaming banjos art card set. Uh oh - only one left. I may have to buy it. Gulp. [I purchased this "Home is Where I Am" art card set, too. Double gulp.]

Johnny purchased:
New service from AT&T. It's cheaper than our old service, and we now receive the Sundance channel plus a faster internet connection. I've wanted Sundance for several years, so I'm quite happy.

Weekend reading:
An interview with the great Wendell Berry.

My new favorite blog:
SouleMama. So much inspiration for the future! Seriously. This one, too. OK, one more! My blog is titled with dreams, after all.

* Dad update ~ He is OK, praise the Lord! The hospital thinks that his blood pressure medicine is too strong due to recent weight loss. He'll see his doctor on Monday and promised my Mom he would not play golf today.


March to the Sea said...

excellent news on your DAD!

Jenni said...

Thanks, March! I am VERY thankful.

Beckye said...

I had no idea your dad was in the hospital! I'm so glad to hear he's okay. Will be praying they get his meds stabilized and that he continues to do well!

Love you,

robyn a. jones said...

i'm just trying to get caught up on my blog reading during lunch. i am sorry to hear that your dad had to go to the er! i had a nice little er trip myself last thursday. i was having extreme stomach and back pain for 3 days and then thursday at work it just got unbearable to the point that i had to go to the ER. well it turns out that i am extremely anemic along with swollen lymphnodes in teh stomach as well as an inflamed stomach. They think i may have a bleeding stomach ulcer but have not ruled out gallstones. i'm going to the doctor today for further examination. I will definitely be praying for yoru health and your dad's!

I like the new look! ;)