All Things Maté

[The photo is a repeat on my blog, but it's my photo, and pertinent to this entry]

I was looking over my links today and realized I've recently neglected Moleskinerie. I visited that blog today and was happy to find this entry. I love both Moleskine notebooks and yerba maté tea, and I'm not alone in the world after all.

We don't own a yerba maté gourd yet, but I swooned over these photographs of gourds and Moleskines. I also wrote about maté for The Sustainable Scoop today. As you will read, we just might receive our very own yerba maté gourd and bombilla soon!

I'm taking a week off from The Scoop next week due to a busy week:
-Two doctors' appointments, maybe three if I have my eyes checked. I'm sensing the need for glasses. Cute glasses. OK, I don't know if those specs would look good on me, but I think they utilize good design.
-Treating my brother to dinner to celebrate his graduation from college!
-My aunt might sleep over in the guest bedroom.
-A possible get together-dinner with some of my high school alumni.
-Friends in town.
-And we'll see/hear Brandi Carlile in concert with those friends!

However, you better keep reading The Sustainable Scoop if you know what's good for you. Kerry always has enlightening information to share.


kimberly said...

Thanks for the coupon for the yerba mate tea! I'm anxiously waiting for the go ahead to place my order... sometime this weekend I hope.

I too love my moleskins. Those are the best journals ever. I've been writing letters to Avery in them for over two years now ~ I want her to be able to keep them forever, if she wants to keep them that long :~)

Jenni said...

I hope you like the maté!

I guarantee Avery will want to keep your letters forever.

Kerry Robb said...

Thanks, Jenni, so kind! Also, I LOVE LOVE LOE Moleskine notebooks. I give one to Ted for every birthday/holiday, and he can't get enough of them. Also, Operation Gourd is underway at our house. Yay!

Jenni said...

You love Moleskines, too?! I think we might be related and not know it.