Off to a Good Start

Medicine swallowed.
Cats fed.
Just-right morning sunlight.
Contentment with dark photographs.
Plans to learn about lighting.
Burning frankincense (near a card from Johnny's Mom).
Feeling chilly, under a soft blanket.
Sipping warm yerba maté tea (I love this smoky brew).
E-mail checked (to be answered later).
Inspired by a few blogs.
Pining after a honey jar lamp I spied in the October 2007 dwell.
Current soundtrack: cicadas outside.
Other blogs of mine brewing.
Today is a day for reading.
And cleaning bathrooms; Johnny offered to help.
Now, it's breakfast time: scrambled eggs, macadamia nuts, and veggies.

It's good to know St. Michael is guarding the light.


Christine said...

OMG, where do you buy that honey jar lamp????

Jenni said...

I'm not sure, but I think the designer only does custom orders. Might be expensive, but so lovely.