one (or two) of each...

...of the five senses this Friday, that is.

1. My grandmother's apron which I'll hang on this hook in our kitchen. Nina collected small spoons.
2. This book on my wish list. It reminded me I should scoot upstairs to my luxurious writing room and pen family memoirs, essays, and short stories in notebooks, and blog entries with more words.
[I've been camping out downstairs]

1. Vanilla spritz on my skin.

1. Tasty Bite Bengal lentils.

1. I had a dream this week ~ Karen Peris (of The Innocence Mission) visited our house. She was very petite, donning a brown suede coat. She sang the song "Brotherhood of Man." Since then, I've been repeating the song often.
2. "Mistaken for Strangers" by The National.

1. I purchased the skirt just in the nick of time, but it's slightly too big. I'll have it altered since I'm very picky when it comes to clothes, and the skirt is so "me." [I exchanged the skirt for a smaller size!]

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