today is for buying music

This morning from iTunes:
-Overdressed by Caedmon's Call. They sound better than ever.
-Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah." What a song.
-Brandi Carlile's live version of "Hallelujah", from KCRW radio.

Johnny and I saw Brandi Carlile in concert last night with friends. She was honestly one of the top 10 best concerts we've ever seen, and I should mention that it takes a lot to impress Johnny. Brandi sang most songs off her current album, The Story, and she and the band were flawless. We were a tad late after the guys had drinks at The Flying Saucer. Oh, how I've missed that place! I still can't drink due to doctor's orders, but I sniffed Johnny's Black Velvet (Guinness and pear cider) and lived vicariously through his sips.

Brandi also sang lovely songs off an older CD we'll soon purchase (see below), and she covered Johnny Cash's "Folsom Prison Blues" and Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah." I am here to say - as a rabid Johnny Cash fan - that the next best thing to Johnny Cash is to hear Brandi Carlile cover his great songs. She and her band rocked and roused the crowd to make The Man in Black proud!

Carlile had a fun personality, handled shouted requests patiently - even smiled - and taught the audience 3-part harmony to "Turpentine." We were in the right hand section led by one of the twins (Phil Hanseroth on bass), but I cheated and sang along with Brandi's middle section. I'm happy to say that the audience behaved like an improper concert crowd, swelling my Houston pride.

This is clearly not the best concert review, but please trust me and go hear Brandi Carlile if she rolls through your town. I guarantee you will thank me.

Our next musical purchases:
-Grace by Jeff Buckley. Johnny has a cassette somewhere, but it's time to upgrade.
-Brandi Carlile's self-titled CD and Acoustic EP.
-The Essential Leonard Cohen.


robyn a. jones said...

i'm so jealous..i would love to see her live! i work too much... what is my problem??

i worked all day on saturday till about 7 last night and have been at work this morning since 8:30.. the bad thing is its expected... and i didn't get to church this morning... i'm hoping to get out of here so i can go tonight.

i love the apron:)

March to the Sea said...

i'll have to check her out..i don't know much about her at all.

Todd Wright said...

Thanks, Jenni! Because of this post, I checked out Brandi's stuff and it's excellent. Haven't made way through much of her catalog, but so far, so good!

Jenni said...

I'm glad y'all enjoy Brandi's music! March, I think you would for sure be impressed with her live performance.

leslie said...

i'm so jealous you went to that concert! I wanted to go so badly, glad you enjoyed it though.