An Owl in the Psalms

I found an owl in the Psalms, nestled between Psalms 104 and 105. Those two pages also hold Psalms 102 and 103 - one of my favorites, and read aloud by the congregation in our Church today.

I found Harley in the pulpit this week. I believe he finds the family Bible's velvet cover quite comfy.

I found pine cones in our front yard which are an inexpensive start to autumn decorations.

I found that my favorite skirt complements our laundry room walls.

I found that Johnny's current nightcap sounds enticing and very much like autumn (sadly not yeast-free): "Ripe fruits, citrus, vanilla, hints of spice."

I found that this poetry site deserved a bookmark on my laptop.

I found these dress sculptures ethereal. I do love beeswax. Lisa Solomon also made a blue bed print which I'm trying not to purchase for our bedroom.

I found that this sentence adhered to my thoughts after reading last night: "They spilled into light."
(page 75 of The Maytrees)

I found more dollhouses! I pray for children for many reasons, and those reasons surely include playing with/building/filling dollhouses with Genevieve. My Mom already has a miniature chair and a few other pieces of diminutive furniture waiting at her house.

I found that the cover of The New York Times Book Review looked like raw, pink spaghetti or pick-up sticks. Johnny told me the image was mathematically created.

Happy Sunday to y'all!

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