autumn health update, part 1

Here is what I swallow every day due to doctor's orders:
-Lots of water.
-Armour thyroid. [on hold - I'll take it later when my adrenals are stronger]
-Pregnenolone. [all hormones are bioidentical]
-5-HTP. [I take the 50 mg version]
-Alpha Lipoic Acid.
-Nystatin using a toothpick end's worth of powder on my tongue three times a day. This one's an antifungal and a toughie.
-Diflucan, another antifungal, but kinder.
-Megadophilus containing acidophilus and other probiotics.
-Neutra Tabs.
-Vitamin C.
-Apple cider vinegar tablets.
-Aloe Vera capsules.
-Aloe vera juice.
-Zyrtec. [I'll eventually lose this one!]
-Fish oil.
-The Power Pak.
-Vitamin D.
-Allergy drops under my tongue.
-Garlic capsules.
-Amino Acid Complex.
-Gingko Biloba. [not every day]

Swallowing that many pills does not jive with my creative and poetic sensibilities which is why I might seem obsessed lately with charming trinkets. My theory: if you must endure some kind of intense health treatment, make it as beautiful as possible. Notice the above white porcelain tea cup; it is my vessel of choice for aloe vera juice when acid reflux strikes. I remember my morning and evening medication easily, but for the in-between supplements, I jot notes to myself using Good on Paper note pads. Plain toothpicks are fine by me - I love neutrals, but every so often I say, go for cheerful color.

And since I must look at all of those ugly bottles in the kitchen first thing every morning (and more bottles in a cabinet above), directly to the left is this intentional, tranquil scene...

...including a new bar of cinnamon soap to celebrate autumn. I've smelled a lot of cinnamon in my day, but this particular scent is extremely warm and soothing. Our kitchen is a pretty good size, and when I pass through on my way to the laundry room, I can smell that cinnamon soap. I can smell it on my hands for a good hour and it's also highly moisturizing for my ├╝ber-dry skin. If you can't tell, I give the cinnamon soap five stars and deem it a worthy autumn (or Christmasy) purchase.

Tomorrow (or Friday) Soon: why I haven't thrown in the towel.


Jenni's Mom said...

Your list of vitamins and supplements make me feel queasy. I'm proud of you for doing your best to feel better. I love you!!

allison said...

Because the towel is too darn pretty?

Kimberly said...

Goodness, that's alot of med. bottles! Like your Mom, I'm proud of your for keeping up with it all!

Christine said...

I'm so sorry you have to keep going through this! I have hope along with you though that you will feel so much better in the end.

Jenni said...

Allison - I wish! I only have one pretty tea towel - a gift - and the rest need replacing. :)

The rest of you - thanks for the encouragement!