johnny, how 'bout an october road trip?

See? That Lotta mug was worth it - such a cheerful sight. Today was quite uneventful or I would write more. I'm still sitting this evening, just about to read the newspaper.

An insert for The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth was tucked in between sports (which I don't read) and some other section. A new exhibit begins today: Declaring Space featuring work by Mark Rothko, Barnett Newman, Lucio Fontana, and Yves Klein. Johnny thinks Rothko's work is blah, but I have this strange thing for Rothko's use of color. So I looked up The Modern's site and dear God, what beautiful architecture! And check out the lifelike sculptures by Ron Mueck - that woman tucked in bed is colossal!

Johnny, shall we?


Christine said...

If you come, I'll go with you. That looks phenomenal!

Jenni said...

I'll let you know! I'm working on Johnny here...