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This MacBook photo gives me away: I'm still in my pajamas (including an old T-shirt) this afternoon, back to moping. Harley might have sensed my blue mood because he situated himself between an arm of the couch and the pillow I'm using as a lap desk. Johnny and I love both Harley and Milo, and we know they love us, yet we've discovered that Harley is a mama's boy and Milo is a daddy's boy. There is no favoritism practiced by either the humans or felines, but Harley most often cuddles with me, and the same goes for Milo & Johnny.

I love that fuzzy picture of Harley, his cute little paws. He is a very sweet-natured cat. Don't tell him, but we purchased a rooster hat to place on his head for Halloween. As innocent as he looks, he is known to regularly rustle the mini-blinds in our bedroom at an ungodly morning hour. Johnny decided that if Harley wants to act like a rooster, he ought to look like one. There are pictures on Johnny's blog if you need a good laugh. Oh, if only we could have located a whirling dervish costume for Milo...

Why am I feeling down after yesterday, a day of joy and partial relief? Today is simply not as blissful as yesterday and I'm afraid I am ungrateful. Plus, I tossed and turned in bed last night until 3:00 am. It might have been that delectable cup of coffee I enjoyed during our afternoon errands. If so, the tossing was worth it because that coffee hit the spot.

This Wednesday is not all bad. I enjoyed an enormous mug of cinnamon tea late into the morning. I'm presently burning a vanilla candle. We own a washer/dryer and clean laundry is drying & tumbling as I type. I read numerous blog entries while I moped, several by the Gluten-Free Girl.

Shauna James Ahern has celiac disease. Thank God I do not, yet I find inspiration from her blog. She's a writer, married to a chef, and her diet is restricted. But she does not mind her eating boundaries. She feels like a new woman by simply eliminating gluten from her diet. Thus, she's utterly grateful for all of the food she is able to savor. I believe my diet is more stringent than hers at the moment. I'm killing a yeast overgrowth very slowly which means I'm still in the most rigid phase of a yeast-free diet. Once I'm further along I can add fruit and butter, but for now I cannot, and no dairy, grains, sugars, vinegar, or fermented edibles, either. The only exception is oat flour in a few desserts such as my beloved yeast-free peanut butter cookies. You better believe those cookies are on my agenda today (or tomorrow). I plan to decrease the recipe's salt because organic natural peanut butter already contains salt, and I prefer to use sea salt which is pretty potent.

However, after reading Shauna's blog, I'm inspired to be thankful for the cornucopia of food that we stash in our pantry and fridge. My Thanksgiving and Christmas meals this year will not be ideal, but 'tis OK. Why, just last night my own chef-husband grilled chicken, seasoning the bird with rosemary, basil, oregano, thyme, garlic, and freshly ground black pepper. Then he wrapped the chicken breasts with prosciutto. To round it out, he grilled asparagus, yellow squash, and zucchini with olive oil and garlic powder. So, where has prosciutto been all my life? And how does everything taste better on an outdoor grill?

Lately I've mentioned many books I want to read, but I think I really need to read Shauna's book. I've heard it is very well-written which I appreciate. I almost envy those of you who must dine gluten-free because her blog is such a lovely presentation: good writing, great photography, and creative recipes. There are yeast-free books and cookbooks out there, but none that suit my artistic preferences, and I haven't found a creative yeast-free blog yet. Would someone start one, please? I'd give it a shot, but my photography skills are not up to par and I'm taking a hiatus on photography lessons for awhile.

I'm just saying that instead of moping, I need to do as my Mom said and count my blessings:
1. I can see, hear, taste, smell, touch, walk, and speak, among other feats.
2. A beautiful roof over my head.
3. A new favorite snack: highly-addictive taro chips dipped in organic refried black beans (stirred with a bit of cumin).
4. Iced jasmine green tea. It reminds me of cup after cup of heated jasmine green tea at Kim Son, an old haunt.
5. An excellent doctor and wonderful nurses.
6. Medicine & vitamins.
7. Johnny. I thank God I don't have to go through this alone. I also thank God for both His and Johnny's patience with my sour attitude. Some days, like today, it surpasses sour to anger. First of all, I don't understand why God is patient with me, but I praise Him for it. I'm humbled. Secondly, why Johnny sticks around is beyond me as well.
8. Time to read poetry before the door bell starts ringing with trick-or-treaters. I should read more about Classical Realism, but it's poetry for today. If I actually conduct a good interview next week, it will be a miracle. [I postponed the interview] Then again, I do believe in the supernatural.

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