and the winners are...

I had my eye on a large acacia bowl for our Halloween candy, but Target only had two left and they were too scratched up for $21.29. The chocolate treats fit into three bowls already sitting in our cabinets - a green Pyrex, a purple Pyrex, and a clear glass bowl from my Mom-in-law.

We set out the bowls and turned on the porch light. I lit a wild beeswax votive on the windowsill. Johnny camped out in the dining room with my MacBook; I started making cookies. Johnny kept exclaiming, "They'll say Old Man Simmons hands out the best candy!" Since I was busy in the kitchen, Johnny manned the door and dropped most of the chocolates into plastic pumpkins. Every so often, I hopped over to say hi and meet cute kids. I also ran a costume contest in my head & these are my winners:

-Runner-up: a toddler boy dressed as Spider-Man, with muscles built into the arms.
-3rd place: a girl dressed as a bottle of ketchup.
-2nd place: our neighbors' baby girl dressed as a ladybug.
-1st place: a little girl dressed as a whoopee cushion.

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