aunt denise

As I mentioned last week, Denise is one of my "new aunts." I have so many good memories of weekend sleepovers at aunt Pat's (my Dad's sister) apartment in Waco, TX. I only wish I could have known Denise in my childhood, too, because without a doubt, she would have enchanted me. However, we're making up for lost time - mostly when I crash her cool house for a musical, literary, or artsy event in Austin, TX, always making time for strong coffee. But she promised to visit our house soon, right auntie? I've said this before as well, but Denise and I bond over similar books, CDs, and movies, so much so that I honestly believe artistic preferences might be genetic. She is also one of the funniest people I know which is a bonus. I'm not that funny.

Today Denise sent a belated birthday e-mail. It made me smile from ear to ear, and laugh, and realize that we understand each other as if we've known one another our whole lives. The thing about her e-mail is that Denise "gets" people - I think it's one of her many gifts - and it made me feel quite special to know that she "gets" me, too. I might have to reciprocate with a Denise-birthday-list in January.

Those of you who know me will laugh or nod, "Ah, yes. That's Jenni." If you don't know me, here's a glimpse:

Some of the things I know about Jenni:
* She dances on the inside.
* Sometimes she dances on the outside when no one is watching.
* She surrounds herself with inspiring music, art and books.
* She is quietly opinionated and powerful.
* She has already named her unborn babies.
* She reaches out to people in love and friendship.
* She fell in love with a drummer
[click #7] and loves him still and forever.
* She is awed by the power of words.
* She likes lip balm an awful lot.
* She is a loyal and true friend.
* She likes to listen and observe.
* She loves cinnamon.
* She hates maraschino cherries.
* She loves her family.
* She hates inflatable holiday decorations.
* She likes to paint pictures with words.
* She buys lots of sweet smelling candles.
* She is afraid of bees.
* She knows that her birthday wishes from me will usually be late, but always heartfelt.
* She is 33 years old, which is a very fine age and makes me think of 33 1/3 -- the rpm of a record album -- which makes me want to pronounce it like an Irish person which would sound something like this: Turdy Tree and a Turd -- which just makes me laugh.
* She will think it is funny when I wish her a Happy Turdy Turd birthday -- or she will pretend to, just to humor me.

I love her for all these things. And more

I love you, too, aunt Denise. I thank God that you and my Mom found each other.

My parents' dog, Jake, has nothing to do with Denise's list. I just think he is cute - he's a great dog:


Christine said...

A list to celebrate Jenni - I love it! I seriously doubt that I know anyone who loves books and candles and scents more than Mrs. Jenni Simmons.

Laura said...

i love the list! so much to learn about you! i too, hate inflatable holiday decorations and maraschino cherries

jenni said...

You got that right, Stine. God gave me a good sniffer.

Laura, I'm so glad to hear that my pen pal shares my hates. :)