Today while web-browsing, I was surprised to see one of my inspiration wire photos on the very cool site, decor8! I'm honored to be featured among such beautiful, inspirational spaces. Thank you, Holly!

What we have there is (L to R):
-An Eloquent Ink card.
-A page from Toast.
-A simply photo business card.
-A piece of paper that protected the "Blue" print in the mail, by Elinor Scott-Sutter.
-laura crow miller's (my pen pal) business card.
-And a letterpress card from Kierstin.

If you haven't checked out the Inspiration Boards flickr group or blog, you should do so. Thanks to Lori for both, from which I find creative fuel every day. Be sure to create and submit your own inspiration wires & boards to the flickr group, too!

This was a timely discovery today because I've been gathering items for an Advent/winter wire.


comfies said...

jenni, i LOVE your inspiration wire! so beautiful. show us more!!

jenni said...

Thank you - I loved yours, too!

I'm updating the left side of this wire today and will try to take a better photo soon.