One of my biggest pet peeves are plastic shopping bags. Why, you ask?

1. Plastic does not break down at all. When we throw away plastic bags, they just sit in God's green earth and, well, sit there and take up space.

2. Our local grocery store obviously does not train their employees how to bag groceries. We should know - Johnny bagged groceries in his teenage years. When a sacker puts one box of Kleenex in one plastic bag, Johnny grits his teeth and so do I.

I don't mind paper bags as much because we use those to sort our recycling at home, and paper does break down. It's also much more recyclable than plastic. Whole Foods provides sturdy paper bags with handles that we reuse every week - I can live with that. Our cats also love to play in paper bags (one of the best cat toys). Harley & Milo like to play in plastic bags, too, but when I see literally 15+ plastic bags on our kitchen floor (from one shopping trip) vs. 2-3 paper bags, I lose my mind.

The solution to my madness is to bring our own bags to the store. Granted, I don't always remember, but I do have a small collection of bags. Thankfully, Kerry added organic cotton tote bags to the Sustainable Scoop online store today! It is a smart looking bag with plenty of room. I love the green on black design - much more chic and modern than most eco-friendly bags. And of course, I love the organic cotton. Perhaps you should snag a Sustainable Scoop bag if you, too, hate plastic bags and love God's green earth. Or give one to your fellow hippie, as my husband calls me. Plus, black is Johnny's favorite color. I'm sure that matters to you.


Johnny! said...

Just to clarify, black is God's favorite color.

gregg said...

Pink is the new black.

jenni said...

Gregg, that is Kemper's motto. :)