more cinnamon

I reviewed Indigo Wild bar soap for The Sustainable Scoop today. There's a mention of cinnamon in there, and here, too:

1. Clove boxes. I smelled one of these at Whole Foods and it's been on my mind ever since. I might need one up here in my writing room/office.
[I've been grumpy today (11/30), so Johnny told me to place a circle-shaped box in our shopping basket and sniff the cloves' scent when I feel blue. He was right as usual - it helps]
2. Cinnamon and Spice boxes. One of these might need to keep the clove box company. After all, I'd be supporting fair trade which is near and dear to my heart.
3. After seeing this photo on flickr, I've been planning to make clove-oranges in December.


Robin said...

Ooh, clove oranges, good reminder! I used to make these when I was younger, but I haven't thought about them for a long time. I like to stud the oranges with cloves in an interesting pattern instead of all over.

Ali O said...

the clove oranges would be fun to do with my Ella! also, the sugar plum spice candle is quite yummy. it smells strictly like Christmas. or maybe a Christmas shop. which i like, but I'm excited for the Gingerbread option - maybe people will think i'm baking :)

jenni said...

Robin - I love your pattern idea. I purchased cloves and one orange today to try. I'll make a few more later.

Ali O - you will love the gingerbread candle, and it will indeed create the illusion that you've been baking. :)