I'm snuggled under a blanket, donning socks, sipping cinnamon tea. Gingerbread tea, rooibos caramel, and samples of rooibos almond, blood orange, and wild strawberry are on the way. A prescription ordered. Thieves oil on my feet since it's cold/flu season, people. Thieves smells mainly of cinnamon and clove, a nice addition to the autumn mood I have going here. Johnny is spreading fertilizer on our grass. When he's finished, we'll take a walk around the neighborhood and gulp the cool air. I'm feeling pretty good today, hallelujah!

But holy crap, web-surfing always gets me into trouble. I found more drool-worthy paper goods (and other lovelies):

1. Fantastic art by ashley g. Johnny looks handsome with a beard, by the way.

2. Blue trees mini prints. We're not playing Christmas music in the house or anything, but I'm beginning to contemplate Christmas decorations seeing as we're hosting this year. I like to rotate a few cards in each room along with the seasons. And of course, there's always my (new) seasonal inspiration wire. Maybe one of these years I'll get my butt in gear and mail Christmas cards; perhaps even write a Christmas letter to tuck inside.

3. Also from Yee-Haw Industries... I think Johnny needs this wall calendar in his near-future drum studio (in our garage).

4. I love these wooden holiday cards.

5. A simply breakfast BOOK!

6. Both a new Sigur Rós CD and DVD are available this month. I'm not hinting for birthday gifts, I promise, but since I celebrate God-given life each November, I should restrain myself from purchasing books, musical items and such, just in case. Cards are fair game, though. And clothes. The Simmons need to do cool weather clothes-shopping and up our casual attire just a little, for Church and other occasions. Neither of us have ever been a fashion expert, but lately we've joked that we desperately need "30s & 40s" clothes. I'm into skirts.

7. Last week the honey lady informed me that she's curing a new batch of bar soap including pumpkin spice soap! I've actually been looking for pumpkin spice soap, believe it or not.

Before I lace up my sneakers, I must share the amazing Take-Away Shows I found on the glass doorknob. All of that phenomenal music makes me excited for the Regina Spektor concert tonight. I'll be taking it in with two of my favorite men: Johnny and my brother.

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