While I wait on more vanilla green tea, I thought I'd share more paper goods with y'all. I predict these will hang on my wires or be mailed as part of my letter-writing pledge.

1. I LOVE, love all things letterpress. While reading a great interview with Maria of port2port (which I also love) this morning, I discovered pancake & franks! I'm enamored, especially by the holiday cards and the tea time set (#2014). And lentils (#188). But I love 'em all.

2. Also via Maria's interview: egg press. My favorite is the classic woodgrain collection.

3. Gracia + Louise. The greeting cards are amazing & beautiful, aren't they? Very dream-like.

4. Did I mention I purchased simply photo's new breakfast set quick as a flash?

My last find is not paper goods, but Shaker goods. Oh my. I cannot wait to receive their free catalog! I love a blend of traditional & modern in our home.

My tea is ready and an Aveeno + tea tree oil bath is calling...
Bathtub reading: A Field Guide to Getting Lost by Rebecca Solnit (at the moment, the color of the sky matches the book's cover). I'm so glad I picked up this wonderful book again. I'm determined to finish it this year!


gracia said...

So very glad to hear you like our new line of cards. We are keen to create a few more when time and pennies permit.
take care, grache

gracia said...

P.S. In love also with all things port2port. Mav's creations are beautiful, all of them.

jenni said...

Hi, Gracia! I'm thankful you and Mav create such beauty for the likes of me. :)