I've been moody today, but the day was mostly good, thank God. Here's the good:
-A tote bag decorated with green flowers to hold bottled water, my Bible, a notebook, a snack (macadamia nuts & walnuts), and Indigo Wild samples for Gloria. The bag gives me false solace that I'm only carrying a small brown purse while all along, isn't the tote bag full of more stuff?
-My brown linen gauze skirt (from Eileen Fisher).
-Frankincense & myrrh perfume oil behind my ears.
-A Starbucks run on the way to Church.
Johnny - venti organic cappuccino.
Me - tall green ginger tea. The tea was excellent.
-The pumpkins on bungalow porches in our Church's neighborhood.
-Listening to Johnny teach Sunday school. How did I manage to marry such a wise man?
-Watching our Godson Judah run (literally) up the aisle for Communion.
-Garlic Lovers' hummus.
-A nap with Johnny. Sunday naps are the best.
-A mug of vanilla green tea.
-Inspiration wires above my desk. Both are hemp twine, wooden clothespins, and various paper goods I've collected. One is an autumn wire and the other features colors I simply liked together. It's good to be back in a room of my own.


Todd Wright said...

Sunday naps are, by far, the best of all naps.

lisa said...

i link to your blog from kierstin's ...i love the cards you've hung up here :) through your blog i have become a fan of lotta jansdotter, and a subscriber to toast:)

jenni said...

Hi, Todd. How's the new house?

And hi, Lisa! (is this Lisa Pacey?) Some of those cards are from Kierstin... I'm so glad you love Lotta and Toast! I couldn't wait - I just pre-ordered Lotta's 2008 fabric wall calendar. :)

lisa said...

yes...this is lisa pacey...but now lisa white. the last time i saw you i wasn't married yet :)

jenni said...

Congratulations, Lisa White! :)