I snapped that photo yesterday. You should see the other side of the coffee table. Does anyone else love page 44 of Domino (November 2007)? I'm partial to wooden textures - on that page in particular, the rosewood candlesticks, walnut pushpins, and the necklace caught my eye. Page 44 is destined for an inspiration wire.

Today our coffee table is still crowded. Well, even more so because I set my purse on top. But I'm determined to clear it off. Johnny says coffee tables are for setting and I agree, but at some point the clutter starts to bother me. I need a clean slate and less reading material stacked right there. That, and I need to do some serious mental organization:

-Whole Foods shopping list.
-Target list.
-We-still-need-new-clothes list.
-Birthday card & gift-sending list (hopefully punctual).
-Short Wal-Mart list, mainly for two more of each: square wooden bowls and mini easels.
-Christmas shopping list. Our plan is to order everything online this month and avoid chaos & malls at all costs. I hope to order some gifts + stocking stuffers from Etsy - support creative indies!
-Highlight and star Thursday, 11/15, 11:00 am EST in my daily planner:
* Order the port2port calendar! Also, the autumn prints if there are any left. *
[phew! I was a little stressed - port2port products are in high demand]
-Yoga. My weary body needs it.
-Wash our sheets.
-Clean our bathroom. [Johnny kindly did so]
-Balance the ol' checkbook.
-Vote for Jennie Garth (tonight).


Cadencestyle said...

That rounded edge wooden square bowl looks in modern sophisticated.
Are those sugars and salts shakers or container, it seems to me like those flour bending tools for cake making.
Nice and many to learn blog you had created, you welcome to browsing mine when you have a chance.

jenni said...

Hello - those are wooden acorn place card holders, but I use them for decoration. Thanks for visiting here! I will browse your blog soon. :)

iHanna said...

you take great photos, looks so cozy!

jenni said...

Thank you!