will the good mail days ever cease?

I thought I could manage to step away from Blogger for the weekend. Nope.

I was seated on the couch (drooling over new flickr favorites), admiring light rain drizzling outside, and yes, even our dirty window screens. Earlier this week I placed a pine cone on an outdoor windowsill and today, it cheered me to see it from the inside. I listened to The Writer's Almanac. I loved the poem "Toast" by Susan Deborah King, and today is Martin Luther's birthday. I listened to an interview with Jason Schwartzman on the Paste Culture Club. I love that guy. Did you know he's in a band? His CD sounds fun; he said if you order from Young Baby Records, you receive a free Polaroid. I might have to order! Have I made it clear how much I loved The Darjeeling Limited??

The doorbell rang and there was a box from Adagio Teas. Man, they ship fast! I wish you could smell the gingerbread and rooibos caramel teas. For a girl who cannot partake of real gingerbread, dear God, that'll do. An Adagio employee suggested I mix together the rooibos caramel & rooibos almond - my nightcap during Stranger Than Fiction tonight. We said goodbye to Blockbuster and hello to Netflix. Johnny filled up our queue with multiple TV series. I added My So-Called Life discs, and documentaries & movies on my to-rent list. I'm taking suggestions.

The tea was delivered via FedEx. Who knows what's in the mailbox... I hope simply photo.


Jen said...

Hi Jenni -
I have been enjoying your blog and had to leave a note when you said you were going to watch Stranger Than Fiction - one of my favorite movies!! I hope you love it!
Have a wonderful Sunday!

jenni said...

Hello & thanks! Which Jen is this?
Both my husband and I LOVED the movie. I was pleasantly surprised.

shauna maness said...

hello there... i just found your blog via your husbands killer donation to the kyle sherrill medical fund of TWO MONTHS OF DRUM LESSONS... i thought to myseft- what a groovy gift- hmmm... lets check this fellow out- only to find that he is coupled with an obviously cool wife!! yeah! my husband and i live in germany- i come home to houston to work (i'm a photographer)- i just wanted to say thanks for supporting baby kyle... may God richly bless you both!! (and may you forever enjoy your teas...) my favorite (you might laugh) is Yogi Detox tea... yummy, yummy... have a wonderful day!

jenni said...

Hi, Shauna! It is good to "meet" you. I love Yogi teas - my favorite is Bedtime. It's yummy, too.

Ali O said...

i watched "My So-Called Life" when it first aired on network TV. i felt this connection with Claire Danes' character, because we were the same age. except my high-school boyfriend was nowhere NEAR as hot as Jordan Catalano.

ALSO - if you haven't seen the TV show "Freaks and Geeks" (just one season) it's amazing. We borrowed a friend's copy, watched it, and immediately went and bought it.

I'll be back with some documentary recommendations :)

Jen said...

Good morning Jenni!
I'm just Jen - no cool blog - found you thru the comments at Glass Doorknob and have really been enjoying your site. Thanks for bringing so much good information and a little sunshine my way up here in South Dakota!
Have a wonderful week!

jenni said...

Hey there, Ali O. I LOVED My So-Called Life, too - I can't wait 'til it arrives in our mailbox. We haven't seen Freaks and Geeks - I'll add it to our queue as well. Please do share your other recommendations - I love a good documentary.

Jen - nice to meet you, too! I love the glass doorknob - it's one of my favorite blogs. I'm so glad you visited here. :)