the poll closed early

The magazine subscription query was my first and last poll on this blog. Since there were so few voters, I think you readers share my apathy for polls. There were six days left to vote, but I deleted the poll today. However, thanks to everyone who voted! Blueprint received the most votes (as I predicted). Poets & Writers and The American Poetry Review tied for 2nd place. I'm still undecided on those two, though I'm leaning towards The American Poetry Review. The Sun came in last place, and even though it's the most expensive subscription ($31.00), I'll probably renew. It is an ad-free magazine, hence the price, but it's full of good photography, poetry, essays, short stories, quotes, and the Readers Write section (where I plan to submit).

I received my GOOD renewal slip yesterday which is an easy choice: yes. I love that magazine so much - peruse their web site to see why. I also love that all twenty of my dollars goes to the charity of my choice (from their list). Last year I selected Room to Read, and this year I believe I'll choose Slow Food or Room to Read again. I don't know...there are other good charities on that list. Tough choice!

In other news, I started the new yeast-killing medicine - Biocidin drops - and I'm having a little yeast die-off by way of my digestive system. The drops are most interesting: the color of Merlot, and they smell & taste like stale old lady perfume. I'm not kidding. As of today, Biocidin is more tolerable than Nystatin, so the aroma and flavor are acceptable. I'm drinking organic ginger and golden ginger teas for remedies. If my tummy behaves, we might get out of the house this evening for a photography exhibit or bookstore-browsing; or to rent a movie. Sometimes low-key dates are fun, too.

Oh, and I ordered our first Christmas decoration - a wood holiday banner to hang above the fireplace. Isn't it charming? Christmas is a holy-day indeed. I'm also planning to use cranberry as an accent color 'round the house. I hope y'all have a fun evening + weekend!

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