ready to hide

Before I actually steal away for the weekend, I'll share another great mail day. Today our mailbox yielded goodies from the Guerilla Poetics Project! I've been eagerly anticipating my broadsides to hide in bookstores and our library. Today the letterpressed cards arrived along with a poetry chapbook by Christopher Cunningham - Thru the Heart of This Animal Life, a Measure of Impossible Humor. There was a glitch of some kind; I was supposed to receive my broadsides a long time ago. Christopher felt badly though I think glitches happen to the best of people - I was not mad at all. But he sent the chapbook as an apology and I accept. Before that, Justin Barrett sent GPP stickers & a patch. I accept! I'll never turn down good poetry or cool stickers. Thanks, guys.

The broadsides are lovely. I received a set of my own to keep, and several sets to hide in books. Johnny and I decided to rent a movie and stay in tonight, but we'll do that bookstore-browsing on Tuesday and get to hiding poetry. In the meantime, I'll be reading the chapbook and deciding how to display & savor my broadsides.

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