christmas day 2007

Christmas Day was a beautiful blur. There was some chaos and the meal didn't look like a Martha Stewart magazine cover, but we were surrounded by loved ones and in the end, that is what I care about. The Good Ole Boys catered a delicious Cajun fried turkey, side dishes, rolls, and pies. My Mom made her famous sweet potato casserole. My Mom-in-law whipped up deviled eggs and her famous chocolate pie. My aunt made her famous "green Jell-O salad" (a must-have for my Mom). My uncle delivered three buttermilk pies ~ my grandfather's recipe. Our friend Lorena (Judah's Mom) made the most beautiful cake I've ever seen: a rum bundt cake topped with fresh chocolate shavings. My brother made a large pitcher of sangria. Of course, I couldn't eat any of that except the turkey, but oh man, the turkey was amazing and Johnny made sure to grill asparagus wrapped in prosciutto (I had two servings). I also enjoyed Indian lentils, yeast-free peanut butter cookies (very crumbly this time), and I brewed a pot of cinnamon creme brulee coffee which was a big hit.

What was the highlight of Christmas Day? The men - Johnny, my Dad, my uncle, my brother-in-law, and Omar (Judah's Dad) - reading Scripture. My Dad also shared a great mini-sermon; his thoughts on the 2nd chapter of Luke. Afterwards, to symbolize the celebration of Christmas, we exchanged gifts and covered the bamboo floor with torn wrapping paper and ribbon. Then we settled in various rooms with more drinks & spirits, Lorena and I sipped hot tea, and we all chatted and laughed 'til 10:00 pm or so. Judah finally fell asleep in our bedroom much to his Mom's delight.

[my grandmother's (Nina) sleigh and reindeer]

[my grandmother ~ Memaw]

I received many gifts including a tall stack of books, and a Juniper Ridge incense gift pack from Johnny! While listening to my Dad's Christmas wisdom, I decided it was high time I read the Bible morning and night. And so, yesterday I looked up the morning and evening readings from our Church's prayer book. Before checking my e-mail or flickr, or reading Little House in the Big Woods or dwell, or any of my new books, I lit piƱon incense, snuggled under a blanket with hot tea, and read the Word that became flesh. I plan to do so every day, morning and evening, as often as humanly possible. That is what Christmas is all about, and I for one am thrilled to enjoy our Christmas tree and decorations until Epiphany on January 6th. If you don't feel like taking down your tree yet, leave it up and continue to marvel along with me:

"And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth."
[John 1:14]


jen crane said...

hello sweet friend! i got your post on our blog a while ago and have failed to write you back til now - i so apologize!! i just had dinner with stephen and star last night as they are in town for the holidays - they are so awesome... and i LOVED reading your blog! i just might have to link you to mine :) (if i can remember how to do that...) of course my husband remembers you!! and i was so moved by what you wrote about your mom - you are right, she is a most lovely lady and stinkin' crazy :) and i love your dad, too - such great memories! in fact, i just saw lesley (kalousek) tschatschula (how's that for a fun name??) the girls and i went to her house to do gingerbread houses :) so fun! and then the next day - i kid you not - i ran into stacy smith (my class, red hair, loud :)) and davy hoffman (who are dating now - so random) at the nail salon!! and YES, davy was getting a mani/pedi :) such a small world. please let's keep in touch - tell jody and your mom and dad hello from us... love you! jen

kate said...

sounds like you had a great, and tasty, christmas.
and good for you fellow epiphany celebrator! my husband is puerto rican and three king's day is a big deal to the culture...and not because it's just another excuse to roast another pig (and i'm not complaining about that). when he was a boy, omar would set a shoebox of grass under his bed for the camels and in the morning the grass would be gone, the camels leaving only a trail of it behind, along with a present from the kings. we'll have to start that up with our little guys in the next few years.
happy new year!

jenni said...

Jen - I e-mailed you... :)

Kate - I love your husband's Three King's Day tradition! I'll have to remember that one when we have children. Happy New Year to you and your family, too!

lauracrow said...

what a lovely post! i'm so glad you had such a beautiful christmas. here's to a fabulous new year!!

Christine said...

So beautiful, Jenni. Love the photo of the tiny church ornament. It sounds like a joyous, cozy Christmas! And I'm glad the coffee was a hit :)

jenni said...

Thanks, you two!

Everyone RAVED about the coffee, my Lord. It was so good!