half pint

I know I said I wouldn't blog today, but it's been over 24 hours, so that counts as a day's break in my opinion.

I was sitting here (not feeling so hot), pondering our Christmas decorations, and how I plan to wrap gifts with brown paper, twine, and ribbon. Why, just today I asked Johnny to hang lone candy canes on up-above hooks I could not reach. It occurred to me that I was very influenced by a few favorite childhood books:

* Heidi by Johanna Spyri.
* The Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Tucked into our couch with a blanket, hot tea, and lit candles nearby, I read bits of Heidi, yearning for fresh mountain air. I live in a big city, but I assure you, mountains are in my soul.

Then I wanted to read the Little House books so badly I could hardly stand it! I e-mailed my Mom asking her to bring them along tomorrow. I hope my beloved childhood set is where I think it is in my parents' house. If not, at least I found this online source of excerpts from A Little House Christmas Treasury. If you, too, were smitten by Laura Ingalls Wilder's writing, then click that link and be whisked away to a home filled with simplicity, beauty, and very good folks. Salt of the earth. Such characters are heroes of mine. I hope my daughter will be as strongly influenced by these timeless books.


allison said...

Hayley and I are on ch. 4 of reading our first Little House book together. I was so excited when she brought it home...and full of my own sweet memories of adoring the series as a girl. When things happen like the water goes off and we have to make do I ask her "Do you feel like we're on Little House on the Prairie?"

Christine said...

How lovey and cozy! Merry Christmas, friend.

jenni said...

Allison - I'm starting ch. 1 today and I'm excited, too.

Merry Christmas, you two!