it's genetic

Johnny snapped that photo last night. The candle jars glow the most beautiful light. I found a few beeswax tea lights which I used in the cinnamon jar. I placed the jar on the windowsill behind our lit Christmas tree, as well as a burning bit of pinon incense. That and a mug of honeybush tea made for quite an evening.
(I'm dying to try ruby chai. And Texas pinon coffee.)

I'm finishing off a second mug of Tazo Awake tea before we brave the shopping crowds for a few more gifts. But today is very special ~ it is my Mom's birthday! I thank God for her often. For one, the very desire to attempt candle jars is proof that her creative blood courses through my veins. I'm more reserved than she is, but they say you turn into your Mom, and well, I feel it happening. That is fine by me.

She's charmed me all my life, and made me laugh 'til my sides hurt. I have vivid memories of sitting in her lap, in a rocking chair near our lit Christmas tree many years ago. I watched with fascination as she applied liquid black eyeliner to the most beautiful brown eyes I've ever seen. Her skin is so soft. She can sing harmony to any song - such a lovely voice. She is NOT a morning person. She is very smart. She is kind, selfless, and generous. She loves to read in bed. She loves all kinds of music (including country). She can paint and draw. She draws in her Bible, in fact. She could be an interior decorator today, no training necessary. And my Lord, she is crazy. I love her, her husband, son, and son-in-law adore her, and try as I might, I can't think of one person who doesn't love her, too. I am truly fortunate. I'm counting the days until she and my Dad are tucked into our guest bed this weekend.

Happy birthday, Mom!

[photo by my wedding photographer and friend, YiMay Yang. The photo is a repeat here; I'm rather fond of it]


Johnny! said...

Love the Kitty Ann.

allison said...

From the description of your (lovely) mom, I can only surmise you are indeed becoming her!

millercreative said...

the jar with the knitted cover over it looks ordinary and even strange when not lit, but what a transformation when the candle burns from within - amazing!

jenni said...

Yes, the candle jars do look best at night, I agree.