It's a little early in the week, but I had to go ahead and post a selection from my flickr favorites (below). Several are by danske. Every day, she blows me away with photo after photo - muted, soft, serene. She makes any type of object shimmer with beauty.

Like soap. And cards. Wooden dishes. Maple leaves. God knows I love twine.

There are so many other Polaroids that I've tried not to mark as favorites, but I probably will do so this week.

She keeps a blog, too.
Wait - two blogs, both lovely.


Anonymous said...

oohh, great blog finds. thank you!

jen said...

jenni. thank you so much for the lovely words about my work. it really means a lot to me. i will do my best to live up to it.

jenni said...

Kate ~ I agree & you're welcome.

Hi, Jen ~ it is so nice to "meet" you here. My words don't do your photos justice.

gracia said...

Oh, my! Two delightful bogs to check out... Looks like I shall need to carve out a little more free time to blog for a little while longer.
cheers, g

jenni said...

Hi, Gracia! Yes, I think my long list of "mixed links" will soon grow.