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Today, I could not snap a satisfying photo to save my life. I tried again and again, and still I frowned. But I decided to post two pics anyway. This blog humors me because I am so very reserved, often timid, and yet I write some of my thoughts for all the world to see. I post photos though my talent is meager. I can't tell you how many times I've considered starting a new blog (like a blank notebook) or erasing old, wretched blog entries. Then I decided, no. Hopefully, I will continue to improve as a writer, and heck, maybe as a photographer. Enjoy the progression, folks.

Today, I also started a new inspiration ledge in the kitchen. My "masterpiece" is not complete, but I rather like it so far:

[click photo to see a bit larger]

That would be:
-west elm egg shakers.
-simply photo "bit of honey" print.
-simply photo crocheted coaster.
-"vintage spoons" print by my pen pal, laura crow miller. I purchased the print as part of her fabulous military care package project. You can also donate here.
-wooden spoon found while antiquing in Austin, TX.

Eventually, I want to hang that spoon on the wall once I find another object to take its place on the ledge. Then I'll attempt a better photo, 'k?

In other news, I love podcasts. My favorites:
-The Writer's Almanac.
-NPR's Fresh Air.
-Pretty much anything NPR.
-A new one ~ Miette's Bedtime Story, recommended by our friend Omar (our Godson's Daddy). This podcast is simply Miette reading passages from her favorite literature. You can hear her turning the pages. I think she is French which adds to the ambience.
-Another new one: The Christian Drummer's Podcast.

That last one is my husband's brand new podcast! I love how his voice sounds - friendly and professional. That's just how he is, and lucky me, I get to hear his voice firsthand, every day. Johnny has many brilliant ideas stored up for his podcast, so if you're a drummer, a drum student, a worship leader, have interest in theology or art (or both), love music, or you just like Johnny - subscribe (it's free) and listen.

He has a gig tonight, so it will be me, the cats, the fireplace, and Miette.

[Johnny's talking drum. I dig all his drums & percussive things.]


pureple said...

thank you for your comment...hope you don`t mind me linking you on my blog(and showing your pic)
your blog inspires me:):)

wish you a nice weekend

jenni said...

Thanks, pureple!
I don't mind if you show my photo as long as you link to my blog and give me photo credit, which you did. Thank you.

kateortiz said...

miette's bedtime story is a wonderful find! perhaps i'll start reading to elisha with that accent.
and maybe i'll crochet you a coaster for your ledge ;) ha!
and may i also just say i find it rather amusing that your friend omar has a son named judah. omar and i almost named asher judah instead. crazy.

jenni said...

Kate ~ do you think her accent is Irish? I feel badly that I can't tell.
Please make me a coaster! When I re-learn to crochet, I'll reciprocate.
Judah IS a good name. So is Omar.