daydreaming of iceland

1. The colors of this morning:

[cinnamon tea]

2. I'm daydreaming scenes from this film:

Last night, by peppermint vanilla candlelight, we watched disc one of Sigur Ros’ Heima film (another Christmas gift from Johnny). "In 2006, having toured the world over, Sigur Rós return home to play a series of free, unannounced concerts in Iceland. Heima is a unique record of that tour, filmed in 16 locations across the island, taking in the biggest and smallest shows of the band's career." During just about every scene I blurted, “Pretty! The band sounds great. Wow! God made that (in reference to mountains). Iceland is breathtaking. May we visit there? Seriously?"

The director ought to win some kind of prestigious award. He defined beauty on film. The colors. Cobalt ocean. Vistas. Waterfalls. Mountains. The children. Sweaters. The music. All the space. Sigur Rós must have freaked out on their first journey to America - we have so much stuff. I believe in a balance of industry and nature, but I also believe we need to lean more on the side of nature in our country. Don't we have enough concrete?

The first song on disc one is a favorite of mine: "Glósóli." This isn’t the first time to repeat myself on my blog (nor will it be the last) - the video is very redemptive. As we listened to the song last night, I realized it isn't just the video. The melody itself is redemptive. I’m not a musician, so I asked my drummer husband if he agreed. He did, and after a brief discussion, our combined theory is that "Glósóli" is redemptive because it makes melancholy beautiful, and it gradually unfolds to a glorious ending. Triumph in music. You feel an internal swell. Here is a link to the video (another repeat here). See if you don’t hear redemption.

The Heima disc was a perfect lullaby before sleep, and a visual feast. Buy this DVD set right now, add it to your Netflix queue - whatever. Just see it. You will be inspired. I was so smitten that I searched for "Iceland" within flickr. Here is the first set I found. Those Churches - wow.


Christine said...

My mom went to Iceland and said it was gorgeous. People think it's covered in ice but that's Greenland, and Iceland is actually green :) Funny. And there are lots of natural hot springs! Mmmm.

allison said...

Netflix doesn't have it!!! boo!

nicole said...

cinnamon tea, my favorite. i'm actually drinking orange cinn. right now! love to you!

jenni said...

Stine - Oh, yeah! Your Mom talked about Iceland that day we met for coffee.

Allison - Shame on Netflix. Maybe they will have it soon? It was just recently released in the U.S..

Nicole - I love orange cinnamon, too.

Goldman_Cafe said...

Thank you so much for introducing me to Sigur Ros! I watched the video...amazing and moving. Wow. I added the DVD and CD to my Amazon wish list.

I wish you all the best for 2008 for you and your family.


jenni said...

You're welcome! You will love their music & images.

Happy New Year to you, too!

kate said...

you've inspired yet another purchase ;) i can't wait to see this and hear the music. my dad almost got stationed in iceland while i was in college. i was all ready to pack up and live with them for their tour but he changed his mind at the last moment...we lived in adak, alaska and the weather was a bit too familiar for my mom. oh well. i'd still love to visit.

jenni said...

I hope you like it! Let me know what you think.

I'd LOVE to visit Alaska, too.