[photo by gee, nicole]

I've been following gee, nicole's flickr photostream for awhile now. Her work is becoming quite popular on flickr, and for good reason. As meg'n said, "she gets it right on nearly every time, no?"

Yes, she does. Her photos possess a quiet elegance. Perfect, soft, light. Beautiful minimalism. Peaceful set-ups, exactly in her manner of living. Of course, I personally notice items such as her plates, wooden bowls, eating utensils, that cup & saucer, baskets, chairs, and her reading material ~ most likely The New York Times or dwell. But even these common comforts are more intriguing in Nicole's photographs. I often try to peek further down the table, around the corner in her home, and the like.
(I'm the curious type)

So, I was thrilled to read this notice from gee, nicole a few days ago:

"a photograph project available for purchase friday, february one. if you enjoy this series, please feel free to post this photo-notice on your own blog or site.

join the mailing list for shop updates by emailing

thank you, friends! xx

"this series" refers to her a-mazing TABLETOP set. Needless to say, I'm dying to see her upcoming photograph project! I figured some of you might be interested in her project as well. If so, send Nicole an e-mail. You and I will not want to miss what she has in store, I promise.

Today, please find a hushed, spare moment to enjoy the beauty that Nicole captures in her work. By the way, I've had the pleasure of getting to know her a bit via e-mail. I can honestly say that she and I would be friends, and from what I've heard about her cool husband, he and Johnny would hit it off nicely, too. My admiration of Nicole's photographic talent makes me all the more happier knowing that she is of great character and kindness (and that she lives near Eighth Day Books, and frequents the shop often. That makes me warm & fuzzy inside).

* - UPDATE from Nicole:

"4 x 6 prints will be sold in assorted sets of three so you can own your favorites. i am also including a special gift for you to bring to your own table. custom sizes are available upon request.

*the photographs are professionally printed and there is a delay on that end. due to this, the shop will not open until monday, february 4 at 1:00 pm central time

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