I haven't overcome that fear of pain yet, so a TMJ appt. today was pretty much hell. I really tried, I promise, but when my jaw muscles were already inflamed, opening my mouth as wide as I could was torture. Thanks to the good Lord, Doc says the pain is still muscle inflammation - not a bone issue. And since both a systemic yeast overgrowth and yeast die-off cause all kinds of muscle discomfort, Johnny and I believe my TMJ will go bye-bye along with the unhealthy yeast!

After the trauma, I needed refuge in a large bookstore (B & N). What cheered me up?

-Johnny was there.
-We purchased hot beverages: cappuccino (Johnny) and Tazo Calm tea (me).
-I heard a favorite song by Billy Bragg & Wilco overhead.
-Then Radiohead.
-We browsed magazines.
-Radiohead kept playing ~ In Rainbows.
-I scoured a sale table and snagged a hardback copy of The Principles of Uncertainty by Maira Kalman for $3.98!
-Johnny selected a book for a friend.
-I heard Radiohead's "All I Need" overhead.
-I also snagged Lacy Crochet (not on sale).
I predict this year will be one of learning for me. Crochet and guitar lessons for starters.
-We listened to Over the Rhine songs while driving back home: "Trouble", "I'm on a Roll", and "If a Song Could Be President", mainly.
We'll see OTR in concert next week - I can't wait.
-The March 2008 issue of dwell was waiting our mailbox.
-All this time, I kept thinking of a poem I read at the dentist's office - "Sandalwood" by Robert A. Fink. The poem is in IMAGE, issue #56.
Here's a teaser:

"Being one born from human stock,
the coming together of desire and will,
certainly flesh, I would not have found

such a word for this aroma, nor
for the candle on my writing table,

the small flame a sleeping infant's nursing
lips and mouth, a soft pronouncement.

And even though I lit this candle
for its promise of therapy, scent and light
against darkness, I know, of course,

sandalwood is not the Word
the apostle John found on the Island

of Patmos, an exile of quiet, of listening-
what I seek each morning in the almost dark
," ....
[buy this issue of IMAGE - you gotta read the whole poem + the entire issue]

Basically, good art is my kind of therapy.


nicole said...

I'm glad the day got better for you...lucky girl! I saw The Principles of Uncertainty on sale for $15 at Borders but what a deal you got!

Johnny! said...

It's still not too late to get that Knitting Lingerie book.

I'm just sayin.'

Christine said...

Nothing like Over the Rhine songs and a new magazine in your mailbox to brighten your day!

jenni said...

Thank u, Nicole. Maybe check your local B & N? :)

Johnny ~ Ahem.

And thank you, Stine.

Abbey said...

Blah for the doctor...

But YEA for B& of the best places on earth. : )

I have now added The Principles of Uncertainty to my amazon wishlist...and will look for it at B&N on sale!

kateortiz said...

jenni - i think the fact that i'm tagging you will make you feel better ;) that and your husband's too funny.

jenni said...

Abbey ~ I hope you find the great sale!

Kate ~ My husband IS funny.
I'll respond to your tagging today.

nicole said...

haha, johnny! you rule.
sorry about the delay, blame the printers ... thank you for updating the previous post.

jenni said...

You are most welcome!