jayaraju is growing up

Since Christine visited the Hadassah Orphanage, I sent her an e-mail asking, do you remember Jayaraju? She said yes, "He's an amazing artist. And a gentle spirit!" Kirby saw our sponsored orphan on a recent trip to India and told me, "He is doing really well. You can tell he looks after the younger children and seems wise beyond his years." Kirby sent me an updated photo of Jayaraju, and oh my - he is growing up, still handsome. In the green & white shirt, top-right:

[photo by Kirby Trapolino]

It makes me happy to know that until Johnny and I get there, friends of ours have met Jayaraju and speak so well of his character. Of course, when I finally meet him, he will be taller than me. But who isn't taller than me?

I believe we need to add another Hadassah orphan to our brood, too.... And children from other countries. How could we not?


Christine said...

Wow, he really is a lot older! It WAS 3 years ago that I took that other picture :)

Sarah Marie said...

Those pictures are quite touching. What a great blessing it must be to be a part of this ministry. Through what organization are you sponsoring Jayaraju?

BTW, how was that OTR concert?? I've never seen them live, but I hope to eventually!

jenni said...

Hi, Sarah ~ we sponsor Jayaraju via Peace Gospel International.

OTR blew my mind. Read here.

kate ortiz said...

jenni - i've really enjoyed your past few posts. we sponsor a little girl in haiti and you've encouraged me to write to her and really try to get to know her more. omar and i will check out peace gospel international. we've been looking for other ministries/children to support. the micro-enterprise aspect of the group is wonderful.

jenni said...

Thank you, Kate. Please do look into Peace Gospel - they get everything right, in our opinion.