random acts of poetry (and politics)

I met a nice fellow via goodreads who liked some of my favorite quotes (scroll down), and some of the books I've read, or will read soon. It turns out he loves poetry, too. In fact, he practices "random acts of poetry." From the get go, I liked the sound of that.

I received an A+ at the dentist today (healthy gums and zero cavities!), so I'm feeling all peaceful and thankful here, sipping tea. As usual, I'm surrounded by notebooks, pens, IMAGE, and books. The stacked books include my "treat" for facing the dentist with semi-bravery: God's Politics: Why the Right Gets It Wrong and the Left Doesn't Get It by Jim Wallis. I was all set to check it out from the library, but then today at Barnes & Noble, I walked by a hardback on sale for $5.00. My husband decided I needed a treat. I have no idea if I'll agree with Wallis' politics/theology or not, but since Johnny and I are independents, I might agree with part of the book. Plus, I saw God's Politics on my brother's bookshelf, so I'm curious.

Back to poetry, here is a random act by the goodreads fellow:

by Stanley Kunitz
[from The Collected Poems]

God banish from your house
The fly, the roach, the mouse

That riots in the walls
Until the plaster falls;

Admonish from your door
The hypocrite and liar;

No shy, soft, tigrish fear
Permit upon your stair,

Nor agents of your doubt.
God drive them whistling out.

Let nothing touched with evil,
Let nothing that can shrivel

Heart's tenderest frond, intrude
Upon your still, deep blood.

Against the drip of night
God keep all windows tight,

Protect your mirrors from
Surprise, delirium,

Admit no trailing wind
Into your shuttered mind

To plume the lake of sleep
With dreams. If you must weep

God give you tears, but leave
you secrecy to grieve,

And islands for your pride,
And love to nest in your side

Enjoy your weekend, folks. We will. Our plans include watching Sweet Land. We're in love with Netflix. ....OK, yes, I'll be watching the Oscars. I am continually fascinated by what I love and hate about such award shows. And, we haven't seen Juno yet, but we really, really want to. It's in our Netflix queue.


Johnny! said...

God's real politics: Deuteronomy.


jenni said...

You should write a book, Sweets.

Lauren said...


jenni said...

That's what I hear, Lauren!

Jean said...

I really enjoyed God's Politics...well maybe enjoyed is not the right word, but I found it really interesting.. How are you liking it?

Lovely blog, by the way! Keep up the great work :)

jenni said...

Thanks so much, Jean. I haven't read God's Politics yet. I will at some point soon.