more of "our boy"

In my fatigue, I almost forgot to post another photo of our sponsored Peace Gospel orphan, Jayaraju:

That is Christine praying for our orphan. She came across this photo while writing a lovely blog entry about "her kids" in India. Take a look - there's another picture of Jayaraju and his amazing artwork.

Please remember to keep the Peace Gospel orphans in your prayers tonight and always.


Jenni's Mom said...

Jayaraju has such a sweet face. I would love to see his art and give him a big hug!!

Christine said...

We are in this together :)

jenni said...

Mom, you are right. He does have a very sweet face.

Yes ma'am, Stine.

nicole said...

:) will be praying.
and yes, he's quite the keeper.

jenni said...

Thank you, Nicole!