I am exhausted. Words fail me today, but I have started to change up the wire in our living room. I'm (still) in love with Elinor Scott-Sutter's Polaroid prints. I'm smitten by the photos and titles in equal measure - "a poem in light" and "Blue." Those two prints also remind me of the visuals of Sigur Rós. I placed the Polaroids in our bedroom for awhile, but they seem to suit the living room better:

"singular" is on my Etsy wish list. Mom sent fun gifts in the mail!
Bird clothespins:

And a magnetic bird paperweight that chirps:

The funny thing is, the chirping bird scares Harley and Milo. Like, they run for cover under the dining room table. But they seem brave in the sunlight, don't they?

More words tomorrow or so. Enjoy your evening! Ours will involve reading - I need to get busy. I think we'll make brownies, too. The Hotze clinic improved their recipe. Yum.


Jenni's Mom said...

What's up with Harley and MIlo? Are they visualizing whirled peas??

Kimberly said...

Beautiful photos! I love the story of Milo & Harley being afraid of the chirping bird! ;~)

Christine said...

LOL to your mom's comment above! That is so classic Kitty Ann.

jenni said...

Mom - cats just stare sometimes. They like to window-gaze. So do I.

Kimberly - Thanks!

Stine - Kitty Ann is always classic.

Molly said...

Oh no! Just what I needed... to fall in love with more etsy photography! :) I see Jen's ranuculas too... lovely!

jenni said...

Hi, Molly. Elinor Scott-Sutter's photos are really addicting. I try not to look.