When we moved into our house, we intentionally placed the TV upstairs in the "game room." In our old apartment, watching too much TV was easy because it was located in our tiny living room. We didn't have space for a table and chairs, so we ate our meals on the couch making use of the coffee table. There was the TV, right in front of our faces. Channel surfing was a great temptation.

We currently enjoy some TV, but now we have to be more deliberate - climb the stairs, for one thing. We eat a few meals up there, but for the most part, we dine in the breakfast nook or living room downstairs, and talk to each other instead of watching television. I don't think TV is evil, but as with everything else, moderation is wise. We've narrowed down our shows to a handful and watch a few others via Netflix. We're thankful for the luxury of DVR as well. I'm no longer a slave to broadcast times. If I want to watch the show on time, fine. But if not - if something more important needs doing - I just watch it later.

Of course, I threw moderation out the window yesterday and watched two hours of Oscars red carpet on E!, thirty minutes of the red carpet on ABC (more annoying than E!, believe it or not), and the entire broadcast of the Oscars. Though I enjoyed some things (see below), I invariably grew bored at times, and finally pulled out the camera again:

[always have a book and Moleskine nearby, in case of extreme boredom]

[I love Audrey Hepburn. She was classy. I love ginger tea, too.]

[Harley sleeping nearby]

[Milo, too]

[kitschy art I inherited via marriage]

[this bag fits a book and notebook, too. I used it to transport items upstairs]

[you could say we like to read]

[a glimpse of the guest room]

Some thoughts on the Oscars:
-First off, what was up with Gary Busey's antics on E!'s red carpet?! Johnny says he is literally crazy. I see that now.
-Heidi Klum's red dress was amazing. I'm not sure about her pink earrings and purse, though.
-Our politics and George Clooney's do not jive, but he seems sincerely charming and funny. He is handsome in that old-fashioned, classy way - like Cary Grant, don't you think?
-Sorry Johnny, but I've got a little celebrity crush on Jason Bateman.
-Anne Hathaway's red dress was also amazing. Let's hear it for her pretty, porcelain skin vs. orange, fake-tan skin.
-My running commentary here is very ironic since I was wearing old, black PJ pants and an ancient Smith Band T-shirt. But I'd love another occasion to wear an elegant gown, have my hair & makeup done, and see Johnny in a tux (like our wedding). What lady doesn't dream of a princess scenario now and then?
-Jennifer Garner survived Gary Busey's advances, but she looked scared. She also looked gorgeous, especially her hairdo. We like her.
-Keri Russell is purty, too. I'm an old Felicity fan, by the way.
-Amy Adams looked pretty and I loved her art deco bird-purse, but there was nothing in it! Shouldn't fashion be somewhat practical? Didn't she need lip gloss or something? A small mirror? A snack?
(Hillary Swank carried unsalted almonds in her little clutch)
-Miley Cyrus looked appropriate for her age. She was recently grounded for wearing a too-short T-shirt and not changing right away when told. Good for her parents.
-Helen Mirren is beautiful and classy, but I don't know if I liked her dress or not. The crimson color was beautiful and the jeweled sleeves were nice, but I'm not sure if the two elements worked together. I don't care - she rules.
-I loved Laura Linney's necklace.
-Ellen Page seems very down-to-earth, very real.
-I LOVE Jack Nicholson. Have y'all seen As Good as it Gets? One of my favorites. I have a little crush on Jack, too. Johnny knew this going into our marriage. FYI, Johnny is not that innocent - ask him about Sandra Bullock.
(I approve of his crush)
-Jon Stewart was funny - good job.
-I love watching behind-the-scenes folks timidly receive awards they surely deserve - visual effects, art direction, sound editing, etc.. We would not enjoy movies without their hard work.
-I also love the losing nominees who enthusiastically applaud the winners - Cate Blanchett, Laura Linney, and Johnny Depp, for example.
-And, I loved all the classic movie footage last night.
-The song "Falling Slowly" is beautiful. I'm so happy that Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova won the Oscar! They are independent musicians, even. How cool was it for Jon Stewart to allow Marketa back on stage to finish her acceptance speech?

After all the glitz, I decided we/I need to see these movies:
-Atonement. And read the book by Ian McEwan.
-No Country for Old Men. I'll read that book, too - by Cormac McCarthy.
-The Savages.
-Persepolis. The graphic novels by Marjane Satrapi are some of my favorite books.
-La Vie En Rose.
-The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.
-Into the Wild.
-I'm Not There.
-3:10 to Yuma.
-My Fair Lady. How have I never seen this?
-The Counterfeiters.
-The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. Johnny gave me this book.
-Away From Her.

Hopping over to Netflix now.


cletus said...

what about no country for old men???

that's the one i want to see.

jenni said...

Cletus, please read my list again - it's in there. We're dying to see it, too!

Kimberly said...

Ok, please don't think me vain, but where did you get that bag from? I've been looking for something just like it!

jenni said...

From Target. It's a good bag - holds lots o' stuff.

lauracrow said...

i have a crush on jason bateman, too! he's so witty. and yes, do see "waitress" it was a lovely movie...

jenni said...

Of course, no man is like Johnny. My celebrity crushes are nothing compared to my husband, obviously.
But I'm glad you understand the J. Bateman thing.