sweet land

Johnny admitted he thought Sweet Land would be lame. That's OK. I have picked loser movies before, but my dear husband was wrong about Sweet Land, thank God.

We both loved this movie so much! 'Twas beautiful. Well worth your time, I swear. Sweet Land is based on a short story - "A Gravestone Made of Wheat" - by Will Weaver. Yep, I'll be requesting the book from our library soon.
[after more fun at the TMJ specialist, we stopped by Barnes & Noble, of course - to hide poetry. Johnny disappeared for a sec and returned with the book in his hand, insisting on a purchase. Quite nice since I considered hiding poetry my "treat."]

Promise me you will rent this movie.



Michelle D said...

Oh I loved this film too! I recommended it a little while ago ( and it was nice to be able to tell the in-laws and Grandparents and everyone to go get it. This is one I will own. Have you seen Away From Her? That is another film I have on my list to purchase.

I bought Heima after you wrote about it for my husband who is the main music lover in the family and we enjoyed it immensely:)

cletus said...

i'm glad to hear that the movie is good. last year when spamalot came to town i got to know PATRICK HEUSINGER, who played lancelot - he likes to sing and dance alot. he told me that he had just done that movie and was waiting for it to come out. i'm not sure how big a role he played in the movie. but he is a talented actor and a nice guy.

kate ortiz said...

oh, it was such a good movie. loved it. so beautiful to watch. and now that you mention it, i too requested the book from our library and i have no idea what never got to me. i'll be checking on that. i need to see it again and make omar watch it with me.

jenni said...

Hi, Michelle! I really enjoy your blog. Yes, we want to own Sweet Land, too. It was nice to see a clean movie that was so well-done. I just added Away From Her to our Netflix queue. The preview choked me up. I'm glad y'all enjoyed Heima!

Cletus - Patrick played "young Lars" who is Inge's grandson. He did a great job. This movie would make a good date night for you and your lovely wife.

Kate - I updated my blog to say that Johnny insisted we purchase the book today. I'll let you know if it's good or not.