Gray skies today. Boo. My mood is also gray, and so, I've been counting again. Counting comforts - mercy, that is - as in Psalm 32:10. Specifically, I love the wording in my old English prayer book-
"....whoso putteth his trust in the Lord, mercy embraceth him on every side":

1. Lingering in bed well past the alarm.

2. Similasan eye drops - especially for allergies, dry eyes, and too much computer-time.

3. Lit candles: lavender and grapefruit/geranium.

4. As always, the Psalms.

5. And Isaiah.

6. And, the four Gospels, beginning with Matthew.

7. I am trying to abstain from coffee right now, but this morning the craving was too strong. Johnny whipped up a shot of espresso. Ah, yes.

8. He also made me breakfast: a delicious egg & turkey sausage scramble.

9. Now he is upstairs playing Easter Sunday's hymns on his keyboard, preparing our Church's bulletin. Sounds like Church in our house - I like this.

10. Jasön tea tree oil liquid soap. More aromatherapy.... How kind of God to implant a sense of smell in our noses. Isn't the scent of clove lovely, too?

11. An easy day ahead (Lord willing). I'm still reading Andrew Peterson's book - it is great! I'm an avid reader, but my health slows me down at times. My review will be up no later than Friday, I promise. Possibly sooner, so don't forget to check back ~ like I said, there shall be a few goodies for one lucky soul.

12. Speaking of good reading, I discovered two wonderful writers. They are Alissa Wilkinson and Laura Bramon Good. Click those links for must-read blogs. You can read more of Alissa's work via her impressive portfolio, and Laura also writes for IMAGE's blog - Good Letters.

13. Johnny said, yes, I should renew our Mars Hill Audio subscription, this time on mp3. Here is a free sampling of why you ought to subscribe as well.

14. Music discussions over at Half Pint House this week. So far, songs by Arcade Fire and Neko Case. Good stuff.

15. Dancing with the Stars tonight. Yep, I'm watching another season. And I don't feel so silly after reading this article by Laura Bramon Good.

16. Oh, and I'm really into Battlestar Galactica (via Netflix) now. I'm not generally a sci-fi kind of girl (other than Firefly, of course), but Battlestar is very interesting. Great writing, I think.

17. Our neighbors across the street really have too many pear trees in their front yard; talk about clutter. But now I'm thankful they practice foliage gluttony because those trees are seriously blooming - tall bouquets of white. Very pretty.


kate ortiz said...

i stumbled across alissa wilkinson's blog a year or so back--i agree, great writing!

and i can't tell you how many non-sci-fi people tell me i need to watch battlestar galactica. perhaps if the library gets it...

jenni said...

I wish you could join Netflix. It is cheaper than Blockbuster....

allison said...


And the photos of the pear trees are...? ;)

alissa said...

Re: 16 - We, too, are rabid BSG fans. And I generally don't do well with sci-fi or fantasy of any kind, so I spend a lot of time telling people that they ABSOLUTELY MUST WATCH THIS SHOW (yes, in all caps). Such amazing writing, genius story arc.

Thanks for the plug :D

Kimberly said...

I like Stargate Atlantis alot. Not familiar with B.G., will have to check it out sometime.

jenni said...

Sorry, Allison - maybe soon?

Well, it seems almost everyone I know are Battlestar fans. Kimberly, you would dig it!

And, 'tis my pleasure, Alissa.

laura said...

yay! i love joining a BSG shout-out. it is a great show. glad to know i'm in good company.

and jenni, thanks for your kind words!


jenni said...

Wow, everyone really does like that show! You are most welcome, Laura.