[photo by Johnny - his breakfast today - and his ode to simply breakfast]

[Makoto Fujimura's "Golden Fire" on my desktop]

[Harley's way of saying, "See my toys down there? PLAY WITH ME."]

[oh, how J. and I love dwell magazine]

From morning 'til night, I currently have to practice monotonous medicinal regimens to counteract systemic yeast die-off. I wish I could say that I handle this like a champ, a sunny disposition on my face. But in all honesty, I manage to keep a chipper attitude until noon (if that) and then, well, I struggle with serious frustration (to put it mildly).

I continue to thank God for this health treatment, albeit a slow one. It is a solution, and a blessing that many people sadly do not receive. In light of that thankfulness (and looming angst), I think it's wise for me to do as my parents often advised, "count your blessings" - or things that generally cheer me today - all from the hands of God:

1. Warm [sock monkey] slippers and blanket to block the chill - 41 degrees this morning.

2. Organic Assam tea tasted just right. I hope my Mom will not mind me sharing... Assam always brings to mind one of her best quotes:

"Assam tea? I cannot handle 'ass' in the A.M.."

Just typing that makes me laugh; she is not known to curse.

3. I fixed Shelton's antibiotic-free turkey sausage for breakfast. FYI, if animals are healthy, they do not need antibiotics. And, antibiotics are the main reason I have a systemic yeast (candida) overgrowth. So eat carefully, folks.

4. Psalm 55. An excerpt:

"The enemy crieth so ... My heart is disquieted within me: and the fear of death is fallen upon me. Fearfulness and trembling are come upon me and a horrible dread hath overwhelmed me. ... As for me, I will call upon God: and the Lord shall save me. In the evening, and morning, and at noonday will I pray, and that instantly: and He shall hear my voice. ... O cast thy burden upon the Lord, and He shall nourish thee: and shall not suffer the righteous to fall for ever."
[vs. 3a, 4-5, 17-18, 23 ~ this version from an old English prayer book]

5. Copying these and other verses into the red Moleskine.

6. Tylenol rapid release gels. Yes, I do take a few conventional medications when necessary.

7. Sunshine. I can't handle dreary, rainy days anymore.

8. Our wind chime playing the scales of Bach.

9. Cedar incense. Last night, I read in dwell that cedar trees produce purple pine cones! The April 2008 issue of dwell is super inspiring - featuring modern wood homes, scrap wood furniture, Tom Dixon's bamboo furniture, and more interesting tidbits about wood. I do love all things wooden. See that house on the cover up above? It rules inside.

10. Singing along to songs (look to your right). And the wonderment of hearing myself sing because yesterday (a gray day), I forgot how to count and sing.

11. Joni Tevis' The Wet Collection is waiting for me at the library.

12. I received an e-mail from buyolympia about a mug made of corn. The mug says "Reading is Sexy." How could it not eventually be part of my mug collection?

13. Today is "Whole Foods Day" - our weekly trip.

14. Johnny purchasd a new drum set (much-needed - his set is 20 years old) at a very good price. Needless to say, he is walking around with a big grin on his face.


15. After breakfast, I moved on to ginger tea (good for digestion), and now, a cup of vanilla creme Tulsi. I read that Tulsi/Holy Basil is an excellent remedy for adrenal fatigue. Tea as medication - it suits me.

16. A port2port shop update. I asked Johnny, "Is $15 + shipping in our budget?" He said, "Yes." I ordered the photograph postcard set and the beautiful, letterpress single card. Just look at that sheep.

17. Our Netflix selections should arrive today:
-The next Battlestar Galactica disc - Johnny got me hooked.
-Good Night, and Good Luck.

I could keep counting, but I need some "being time":

"One evening I sit in my quiet place in my room, to read evening prayer, write in my journal, have some quiet being time."
[-Madeleine L'Engle, from Two-Part Invention: the Story of a Marriage. I finished that book last night - very highly recommended.]


kate ortiz said...

johnny - um, really? that's your breakfast?

jenni - how frustrated you must be! my prayers are with you. and i am liking your list.
number 2 - quite really funny
8 - how pretty
13 - aren't whole foods days naturally good days?
16 - johnny is a smart man
17 - i'm now only 21 on the library list for waitress!

have a peaceful evening.

Johnny! said...

Yes, today it was--Jenni made me some extra sausage. Usually it's an egg white omelet and a grapefruit, or a special concoction of whey protein, oats and eggs that makes a big ol' protein pancake. I'mona get back to eating those now that my lazy rear is back in the gym.

jenni said...

Johnny is actually on his own little health-kick: taking lots o' vitamins & minerals, eating better, jumping rope, visiting the gym, and well, drinking Diet Coke - his one big vice. Heck, he's even using a NETI POT (his idea).

My Mom is a VERY funny woman.

Thanks for your prayers, Kate!

Johnny - you are far from lazy.

kate ortiz said...

oh, the neti pot. such a good thing. creepy - but good at the same time.

jenni said...

I want to try the neti soon, too. The Simmons are so "natural."

shari said...

oh the dwell. might i have to splurge but i also want this month's poetry. sigh. so much to read. i am a big fan of tea as medicine.

jenni said...

The dwell is really good. I think I might subscribe to Poetry at some point, too.