films, co-ops, and more tea

[photo courtesy of The New York Times]

We watched Once last night. I must chime in with the general population: this movie is amazing and lovely. I think it's all been said by now, but we were enchanted by Marketa Irglova, charmed by Glen Hansard, and smitten by their songwriting. Neither musician had ever acted before which gave a refreshing authenticity to the story. In fact, on the DVD special features, the director (John Carney) said many people thought this film was a documentary. I can see why. We just loved it. I don't want to reveal spoilers, but the movie's ending gained our respect even more - it was so atypical of Hollywood.

As for the music, we purchased the soundtrack today. "Falling Slowly" no doubt deserved an Oscar, but it's not the one hit wonder from the movie. Both Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova are such gifted songwriters (and independent to boot). I had predicted the soundtrack would be "my kind" of music, but Johnny exclaimed, "Great song!" more than once as we watched this film. I think we might quickly become Frames fans as well. And buy The Swell Season soon. Johnny was also very impressed by the streets of Dublin. He wants to visit something fierce, and I'm ready to pack my bags any day. Just say the word, J..

I fell asleep and woke this morning pondering that beautiful film. And then, I spied gray skies through the bathroom window, and y'all know how I feel about overcast weather. Add to that yeast die-off and my humanity, and today is not the greatest of days. Thank the good Lord that our doorbell rang and Johnny retrieved a fun package with my name on it.

I made a kindred spirit internet-friend: Alissa Wilkinson. We quickly discovered that we are both tea crazies and decided to do a swap. I shipped to her an adagio sampling, and she sent me four tea samples from her co-op in Brooklyn, NY: yerba maté, rooibos tangerine, peppermint, and raspberry leaf - all organic and bagged in-house. You can imagine my excitement! Alissa was a little concerned because the tea packaging is not fancy, but I assured her that I'm very down home and grassrootsy, and I love to stroll Whole Foods' bulk aisle. Plus, after reading this wonderful article by Alissa, I'm now a big fan of the Park Slope Food Co-op - just the least bit envious that such a place is literally around the corner from her apartment. Alissa jotted a quick note on her eye-pleasing business card. That's how a business card should look, in my opinion.

And that's not all. I recently joined Elaine's online co-op for fellow Yeasties. I receive the likes of coconut cream, Korintje cinnamon, liquid stevia, Baby Silk lotion, and natural pain relief for a discount you would not believe. Elaine lives in Texas, so I get the goods super fast. Well, she kindly included samples in yesterday's shipment - it really is the little things that make me smile. The samples are Wisdom of the Ancients yerba maté Royale in four flavors: vanilla, chai spice, lemon, and original. My favorite so far is vanilla (duh), and I'm happy to report the flavor is real vanilla oil.

Thank you Alissa & Elaine, and Christine - she gave me an iChat pep talk today. I think I'm gonna make it. I'm drinking rooibos tangerine right now. Oh, my Lord - aromatherapy and dessert in a cup. Alissa, you weren't kidding when you said this tea would change my life.

Thanks to Big Dipper Wax Works, too. They're having a 15% off sale for their mailing list customers. The sale ends on Sunday (3/30), so I purchased a few beeswax tapers in teal to go w/ these bamboo beauties. I love the natural color of beeswax, but teal will look so pretty in our dining room, when we have dinner guests. I do believe good hospitality includes nice candles. I really do.

Lastly, Johnny made a short film himself. It's called Ennui - click here. Our cat Harley doesn't like cloudy days, either.


kate ortiz said...

we, too, enjoyed this movie. and the ending was both unexpected and quite moving. i've heard several people claim the ending was depressing, but i disagree...quite emphatically.

jenni said...

I disagree, too. I think the ending left much to our imaginations which is a very good thing.