eastertide reading

Are you reading The Rabbit Room yet? No? Then get on over there. Today I read a drop-dead gorgeous essay by singer/songwriter Eric Peters. Here's a bit:

"Easter is breathing in the east.

After downing victuals of mildly grease-soaked Mississippi country sausage bathed in Creole mustard aboard a two-week old onion roll, the remainder of a sweet tea from today’s lunch, and a pair of chocolate peanut butter eggs, I can feel my mind slowing to a stock standstill, eager for the pillow. College basketball is hovering on the muted television, today’s newspaper – a less than stellar daily – is scattered across the couch ad hoc to my right, my son is fast asleep in his cradle, and the family cat, Gurdy, as obese as a pumpkin, flopped down from the foot-high perch on the rocker she’s been curled up in for the better part of the evening
. ...."

Read the rest of "Murmuring Gethsemane" right here. And click this link to read all of Eric Peters' Rabbit Room posts. I think he should join his friend Andrew Peterson in adding books to his musical repertoire, don't you?


Christine said...

OOH, thanks. I love Eric Peters' blog but didn't know about this one!

jenni said...

You're welcome.