finally writing

I have quite the afternoon going on here (while Johnny teaches drum lessons):
-Calendar-turning, one of my favorite tasks.
-Pau d'Arco tea, yet another herbal remedy for systemic diseases. Surprisingly tasty - fruity and woodsy.
-PiƱon incense.
-Planning an Aveeno-tea tree oil bath after lunch.
-Sunshine flooding this room, the mini blinds pulled high, out of sight.
-Then the sunlight wanes, but only for a short spell.
-Harley sleeping on the couch behind me, his feet gently pushing into my back.
-Adding to the living room inspiration wire.
-And finally, letter-writing to Laura, a very patient soul.

[my current favorite broadside from the Guerilla Poetics Project]

[a card from aunt Denise. We saw this dance troupe together in Austin. They performed all kinds of death-defying choreography via cables on an unfinished building. Beautiful.]

[love my Lotta stationery, and previous cards from Laura]


shari said...

the aerial troupe looks amazing. i'd love to see them. tom found some juniper ridge products in davis and is sending me some incense. i can't wait. i think he got juniper. hope you enjoyed your letter writing.

jenni said...

They were amazing - I hope they go through NC for your sake. Let me know how you like the Juniper Ridge incense! I haven't tried juniper yet - it's next on my list.

kate ortiz said...

i agree with shari about the dance troupe - amazing.
and i agree with you about calendar-turning. it's one of my favorite things, too.

jenni said...

I think there are video clips on the dance troupe's web site - did y'all watch them?

Whoops, I forgot to turn two calendars upstairs....