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That is the official Andrew Peterson giveaway basket. Don't forget that you still have today and part of tomorrow to comment on my giveaway post, book review post, and/or send me two e-mails if you haven't done so already (see the giveaway post for details). I'm excited about the enthusiastic responses I've received so far; I know you will enjoy Peterson's book and the other goodies as much as I do! I'll draw the lucky winner's name tomorrow after Church.

I think Easter is the perfect day to give away gifts to one of you. As for my favorite holiday, it's a close call between Christmas and Easter, but there's a certain joy and brightness to Easter that sets our whole Church to smiling. We'll worship the Lord, enjoy an Easter brunch (Johnny and I contributed blush champagne), and watch the cutest children ever (we're a little biased) hunt Easter eggs outside. Note to self: bring the camera. Our Godson Judah is now cuter than he was in this Christmas photo (if that's possible), and he is growing fast.

Easter is also quite the vivid reminder that if my days are any good, if I am inspired, if gratitude swells in my heart like it does this Holy Saturday; if I am forgiven, if my body is to be healed (and much more to come) - it's only because Jesus willingly suffered a gruesome death for me, and in three days, He pushed back the stone door from His grave. And not just for me, but for y'all, too. He is the precise reason we feel spring in our hearts. We rise from the hushed colors of winter to the pinks, greens, yellows, purples, blues, and whites of spring. Vibrant blooms wake us up. God created bunnies, too, but there's much more.

And so, my gratitude and anticipation for tomorrow caused me to add a bit more to the giveaway:
-A box of paper tea filters, for your loose tea.
-If you are a fellow "granola" soul, or merely curious, I'll throw in a few French vanilla stevia packets, too (very good in chai).
-One blue wooden egg.
-And, one of my favorite Andrew Peterson songs, sent to you via e-mail from iTunes: "Canaan Bound", "Shiloh", or "Nothing to Say." If you already own these songs, I'll send you another A.P. song of your choice from either the Carried Along, Clear to Venus, Love & Thunder, Behold the Lamb of God, or The Far Country albums.

More blessings to y'all today, and most certainly tomorrow.

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