a winner

My Mom tells me that when I was little (3-4 years old) I learned about the Crucifixion in Sunday school. She picked me up from class and I was sobbing. There was drama, and more tears. When she finally convinced me to tell her what in the world was wrong, I said, "Jesus is dead!" After my parents told me about the Resurrection, I felt much better.

I like to imagine what fun it must have been for them to share with me such good news. I caught a glimpse of that today at Church, in fact. One of our newest members made a recent return to the Church (since childhood). She lives in an apartment across the street from Holy Trinity (our Church), heard the bells ring several Sunday mornings in a row, and came on over. I'm so glad she did. She is one of my favorite people. As she lingered over coffee at brunch (before the service) she asked, "So, is Jesus still dead today, on Easter?" Truly, I smiled ear to ear and said, "No, He is risen today! That is why we are celebrating." She said with relief, "Thank God." I for one needed to see the look on her face when I shared that Jesus is alive. She nailed it. Then our priest delivered the best Easter sermon I've ever heard. And so, it's been one of those great days.

The joy continued when we arrived home and I drew a name out of that basket. I shook it up, closed my eyes, and drew 1 name out of 29. The winner is Kimberly! It just so happens that she and her family live nearby, so we'll drop by tomorrow and deliver the treats. OK, Kimberly?

I want to thank every single person who left comments and e-mailed - all of your answers were so interesting (and inspiring) to read as I am the ever-curious type. I'm scheming to run more giveaway contests because this one was really fun!

I strongly encourage the rest of you to buy On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness. As my friend Yanica said at Church today, "It seems like one of those books you need to own - not borrow." She is 100% correct. I bet you and your kids will want to read it more than once.

As fantastic as this Easter Sunday has been, it is not over, folks. We dwell in Eastertide until the Ascension. As Easter unfolds, I look forward to those white tulips (above) opening. Hmmm, maybe we need a fresh batch of tulips or lilies each week of Eastertide. Tell Johnny you think so....

P.S. - [I started reading a new novel last night, a kind loan from my Mom: Peace Like a River by Leif Enger. I've heard so many incredible things about this book. Like, it might be discussion-worthy. If you're interested in an online book discussion, please let me know via comments or e-mail, and "Jenni's Book Club" (with a different title) will begin on a new blog, a fresh space pay a visit to my newest blog - and books for calvin - late Monday afternoon (but this blog will stick around). If so, Have your cups of tea and coffee ready, to go with the reading.]


Kimberly said...

Yeah! I am SO excited! Anytime that's good for you to bring it over will be good for me. I'll be home all day. Thanks!

Kimberly said...

I think I'd like the song Shilo, just from reading the lyrics. If you think there's a better one then I'm all for getting it. Thanks again.

Megan said...

I read Peace Like a River four years ago and LOVED it. I would totally read it again for a book discussion - would join you for lots of book discussions! Will you come back for more music discussions? I think I'm going to do one/week (instead of 1/day - but that, of course, was for a specific purpose...).

jenni said...

You're welcome, Kimberly!

Megan, I decided to go ahead and start creating a second blog for book discussions, so help me coerce others, OK? And yes, I'd love to visit your blog for music discussions. Once a week sounds great. I'm a slow thinker.

Kimberly said...

Jenni, I made a post on my blog w/ pics of all the wonderful goodies. I hope I did it justice. Thanks again for everything and the wonderful meal.

jenni said...

I left a comment on your blog, Kimberly. Glad you liked the food! Praying for you.