today is looking up ....

[wow, how many times have I repeated this photo on my blog? Well, I'm sorry, but we have cloudy skies in Houston today which does not make for good photography. And this is my favorite picture of me & Johnny ~ at Kierstin's fun wedding. Photo by Kierstin's wedding photographer.]

.... thanks in large part to my husband. When we vowed to love each other "in sickness and in health", he really meant it and I did, too. I pray to God [often] that Johnny is never this sick, but if he is, I will care for him as well as he's cared for me these difficult, yeasty months. He's been the main cook for one thing, and he knows his way around an outdoor grill. It's amazing how good food can heal not only your body, but your mental outlook as well. This morning, Johnny whipped up an egg-turkey sausage-taro chip scramble, with freshly cut orange bell peppers (my favorite) on the side. I brewed yerba maté in the coffee maker. I stirred in lots of liquid stevia and coconut milk (again) - it was quite the latte. I'm trying to drink yerba maté more often - a friend reminded me to drink nutrient-rich beverages as much as possible (such drinks promote healing). Yes ma'am. I love when healthy is delicious.

[right now I'm eating rolled-up slices of organic roast beef dipped in yellow mustard. Oh my. More on that mustard next week - over on The Sustainable Scoop.]

Before breakfast, Johnny and I remained in bed too late, moaning that we were still tired. Instead of hopping out of bed like adults, we lingered under the covers and held a brief film discussion, though we are no movie critics. It started with Johnny quoting from Raising Arizona (one of his all-time favorites):

"What's the matter, Ed?

My fi-ance left me.

He's a damn fool. You tell him that H.I. McDunnough said he's a damn fool

Johnny is always randomly quoting movies like that - anytime, anywhere. I love a good film, but I'm always asking, "What's that quote from?" As I did so this morning, Johnny decided that Raising Arizona was like no other movie before it; like nothing he'd ever seen before, at that time. Johnny went on to declare that the Coen brothers perfected their art upon making O Brother, Where Art Thou?. He believes that is their masterpiece (so far as we've seen). I do love the Coen brothers, but I'm the slobbering Wes Anderson fan in our home. I decided that along the same lines, Rushmore* is on the genius level of Raising Arizona, and to me, Anderson's masterpiece is either The Darjeeling Limited or The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. Maybe Life Aquatic since Bill Murray has a much more prominent role, and David Bowie songs play an important role, too.

There's our day so far. That, and Johnny practiced his drums, he's now off to teach drum lessons, and I wrote another entry on my book discussion blog - and books for calvin. Check it out ~ I have a few questions for you, and a great quote.

* - [did you know that Rushmore was filmed here in Houston, partially at St. John the Divine Church (and the adjoining school) where Johnny and I were married?]

[this is my matron of honor, Brett, practicing her Bible reading before the wedding. Note the stained glass windows - the main reason J. and I selected the sanctuary though it was too large for our guest list. Photo by YiMay Yang.]

:: UPDATE (9:45 pm) - Johnny fixed dinner, too! Red bell peppers stuffed with spiced buffalo meat. The spices? Garlic, cumin, turmeric, coriander, and chili powder. The side dish? Grilled asparagus, drizzled w/olive oil, wrapped in prosciutto. Amazing. When I'm healthy, I'll have a hard act to follow.


Christine said...

I love that photo of Bretty! I love you and Johnny too - you two are hilarious! Aren't you thankful for coconut milk? I think I've bought them out at our local Whole Foods - tee hee!

Kimberly said...

I must give my kuddos to Johnny! He is quite the cook. We enjoyed the meal you guys provided as we greatly devoured it. The asparagus w/ proscuitto is amazing!!! I told Gregg that we've got to get a grill, even if it's just an indoor one so we can cook wonderful meals like that!

jenni said...

Yes, who knew coconuts were so amazing?

I'll pass along your compliments to Johnny, Kimberly!

kate ortiz said...

i agree with you and christine - coconuts, who knew? and you'll be happy to know that the celebratory tart pictured on my site was made with coconut oil instead of shortening. and i think it was the better for it!

jenni said...

Coconut oil instead of shortening - what a great idea! That berry tart will for sure be included in my healing party now. Care to share your recipe?