Thanks to Keely and Kierstin, I might be addicted to this Japanese photo site. It converts your photos to "antique photos." For example:

[from our wedding reception. Photo by YiMay Yang.]

[this version makes me think of our grandchildren]

[antique coffee grinder in Gruene, TX. Photo by me.]

You're welcome, for the wasted time to come.


kierstin said...

i don't know how keely finds these things, but only keely would...i can take no credit whatsoever. i think it's so cool, too. and i definitely don't think it's time spent wasted...just look at that great art you made from your photos...[i especially like your one from gruene.]

Christine said...

I'm addicted too!! I've already done 4 of our wedding photos - ha!

jenni said...

Kierst - you did spur me on w/that cute "antique" photo of you and Jeremy. So, you get a little credit, after Keely.

Stine - I'm gonna play around w/more of my wedding photos, too! And other photos from Gruene....

Johnny! said...

I'm addicted too! Check it out!

jenni said...

Thanks SO much, Johnny.