the cult of sincerity

First of all, read this blog entry by Alissa Wilkinson.

.... An independent film - The Cult of Sincerity - releases today on YouTube. The whole movie! Isn't that brilliant? It gets smarter. Watch this to find out how you can receive two free songs from Amie Street (an independent music company), and support Adam Browne, Brendan Choisnet, and Daniel Nayeri - the cool guys who made this film.

Not only that, but if you buy just $3.00 of Amie Street credit, the filmmakers will donate $2.00 to fount of mercy, a "super-low-overhead charity making a difference in Africa." Those $3.00 will also give you more songs from Amie Street and the entire movie download for your iPod (or whatever). Serious genius here, all the way around.

Oh, yeah - the movie looks incredible and funny, too:

I'm loving the soundtrack ....
Alissa's husband was the first assistant director ....
Click here for the film's web site.

And now, I'm off to blog my thoughts on pages 19-69 of Peace Like a River which will be up on books for calvin this week.

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Anonymous said...

can you post the track list for the soundtrack or even just the name of the song from the trailer? thanks!