for my madre

My Mom was a bit depressed after reading my last blog entry, so today, I'll attempt to cheer her up. And she needs cheering. She is battling health issues, too - of the dental variety. Next to yeast, I'm thinking dental woes suck the most.

Mom, just for you:

1. I don't feel like running a marathon yet, but I do feel better than yesterday. I promise. This week I'm looking forward to a Hempstead road trip to see lots of bluebonnets. This was your son-in-law's idea. Aren't you glad I married him?

2. Johnny caught your grandcat being all cute again, so he snapped a pic:

3. I'm digging walnuts. You should have a walnut snack, when your mouth feels better.

4. I'm also into ginseng green tea. I made a whole tea press-ful this morning. I don't think you'd like ginseng green, but you ought to pull out that cute white teapot of yours this evening. I suggest blood orange tea or chamomile. Something soothing to sip while you read.

By the way, I am now pondering a new signature blend ~ dreams of genevieve tea. A sweet brew. Stay tuned.

5. Don't forget to watch Dancing with the Stars tonight! I'll be watching along with you. We are happy nerds, right? However, I don't know who I'm rooting for yet. Adam Carolla is not a good dancer, but he is hilarious! His jokes are winning me over at this point.

6. Amy B. sent new photos of Elliot. If you feel blue, just look at his happy, little face:

Wanna drive to H-town? We can visit Amy, her kids, your son, and shop at The Blue Hand. And take a bookstore tour. Your guest room awaits.

7. Carrie posted a very funny photo of me and a certain young man from high school, on my facebook profile. You should join facebook - this photo alone is worth it. It will make you laugh. A lot.

8. Here's another photo that should make you laugh. Me, after way too much time on the computer (taken via my MacBook):

You know I love you if I post that photo on my blog. Yikes.

9. Lastly, I'm putting together a tea/thank you note box for Lauren.
Mom, do you need a tea box? Some kind of fun box?

Other than that, you have my prayers. As your Mom/my dear Nina said, "This too shall pass." And I say, thank GOD.



Johnny! said...

In the event none of the above works, I'll produce an episode of "Johnny's Dance Party."

jenni said...

Oh my gosh, y'all totally have to see an episode of "Johnny's Dance Party." It's the funniest thing he does! Maybe if everyone asks, he'll pull out the video camera?

Kimberly said...

Johnny, PLEASE do a video post of your dance party! Purty please!!!

Jenni, you're a sweet daughter, for many different reasons than just this blog entry I'm sure, but this was totally sweet. I know your Momma must be totally proud.

jenni said...

Kimberly - Your vote has been noted, plus a vote from my Mom via e-mail. Thanks for your kind words. If I am sweet (please, God), it's b/c I learned it from my Mom. SHE is sweet.