in and out

Outgoing mail, yesterday:

[I like to include tea bags with my correspondence; this one is Yogi tea's chai redbush]

Incoming mail, today:

Today's mail is very meditative:
-A beautiful Young Living catalog. I'd love to own every single little bottle of their aromatic essential oils. I'm becoming very interested in medicinal properties of essential oils, too. I'm already a Thieves oil and mouthwash fanatic.
-A new issue of IMAGE (#57), thank God. The content looks promising, especially an interview with Ron Hansen. I rather liked Mariette in Ecstasy.
-New broadsides from the Guerilla Poetics Project. I'll be hiding poetry at Katy Budget Books later this week, I hope.

I hope because today I feel b-a-d. I've taken a few days off from Nystatin due to the slaughter of yeast, and thus, feeling b-a-d. If I can get back on Nystatin and tolerate 6 pills for a few weeks, I know I'd be so close. So very close to some normalcy. It is frustrating to feel my limitations today. And to feel so ill. I'm just worn out. Perplexed. Impatient. Feeling the blues. This is getting old. If you pray, please pray for me. We've read that many yeasty folks feel just as bad, right 'til the end, then suddenly feel amazing. I need to hang in there.

Today, I'll be enjoying my meditative mail, Peace Like a River; drinking in the Psalms, and thanking God for your prayers.

"In the multitude of the sorrows that I had in my heart: Thy comforts have refreshed my soul."
[Psalm 94:19]


Lauren said...

when i saw the subject of your post for today i felt hopeful that my name come up....keep a close eye on that mail ;)

jenni said...

I'm hoping for lots of sunlight tomorrow, for good photo ops in our breakfast nook. Check back soon, Miss!

Robin said...

Sounds like a nice peaceful day, but I hope you get feeling better!
I'm so glad you're enjoying the book!

jenni said...

Thanks, Robin. It is such a good, good book.

allison said...

Today's mail brought me a Astonishments, a book of poems by Anna Kamienska, a Polish poet. I thought of your post as I read from "Funny":

What's it like to be human
asked the bird

I don't know really
It's to be a prisoner in your own skin
but crave infinity
to be captive to a crumb of time
but reach for eternity
to be hopelessly uncertain
and a fool of hope....

Hang in there! xo

Christine said...

Hang in there, Jenni. You CAN make it. Love you.

jenni said...

Allison - I love that poem. It's just what I needed today. Thank you.

And thank you, Stine. I'm trying.