lotta sale

Hi. Just a quick note to say there is a Lotta Jansdotter sale going on. For example, this small hand tote, redig is only $10 (in aqua or brown):

I did not buy a bag, but I admit it - I did purchase the kitchen towel/potholder set, redig in aqua for only $20! It was originally $32, so that's a pretty good deal.

[those two photos from Lotta Jansdotter's site]

And, gardenias are one of my all-time favorite flowers/smells. Thankfully, our gardenia bushes just started to bloom. Can you smell this flower I picked after a walk?

I sure can - the aroma is filling our living room - and it's better than the gardenia [soy] candle I recently admired.


Christine said...

You're so lucky you have a gardenia bush!

jenni said...

We have two! I am very thankful.

robyn a. jones said...

it's my most very favorite flower! :)