domestic bliss

I used that photo over on books for calvin, too, but don't go there unless you've read Peace Like a River - there are book spoilers. But this photo represents domesticity and bliss for me ~ a good book (and a stack of books), a Moleskine, a cup of tea, incense, my favorite box-matches, wooden items, mostly natural light, and so on. It's the little things for me.

Speaking of domestic bliss.... Thanks to poppytalk, I discovered an actual web store called Domestic Bliss. What caught my eye were the tea towels printed with Julie Haslam's grandmother's shopping lists and recipes. Here are two of my favorites:

["Lemon Lady"]

["Christmas Cake." These two photos are courtesy of Domestic Bliss.]

I also fancy the whisk tea towel, and some of the napkins. I have no idea how much they all cost, but I do know they're from the U.K., so there will be $$ conversion involved. The other cool factor is these towels & napkins are eye-catching, but also very practical since they already look old and well-loved. No need to worry about inevitable stains.

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